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Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga Franklin Twp is Like a Real Life Video Game

Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga Franklin Twp is Like a Real Life Video Game
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Pinnacle Paintball is a huge 50 acre paintball and airsoft game field in Malaga NJ (Franklin Twp, Gloucester County) offering multiple maps with creative theming, including the signature and massive Valken Castle.

Pinnacle says there is nothing like their castle in the world… and I fully believe that.

While I am not a paintball expert, I’ve truly seen nothing like this in the area. In my recent visit I was left almost speechless!

The are located at 750 Delsea Drive (Rt 47) Malaga NJ, and minutes from Exit 39 on Route 55.

Pinnacle Paintball Park in Malaga NJ is an amazing facility for outdoor fun. It’s like your favorite multiplayer video game played in real life. Truly nothing like this in the area…if no the World!

Approximately 30 acres of the property are currently set-up as 11 different themed areas, plus a shooting range, Gel blaster range, and multiple staging areas for players to organize ahead of or after matches. Even more map areas are coming!

Paintball requires special gun-like devices which can shoot small balls which are filled with a washable dye to easily indicate a targe was hit. This allows fun and innovative outdoor gameplay against teams or targets.

Inside the upper level of the Valken Castle, it’s like walking inside your favorite Call Of Duty Video Game!

Pinnacle describes the gameplay as “basically like dodge ball”. Instead of throwing a ball at the other team, each player has a gun that fires gelatin capsules which are used to mark other players. When hit you are then out of that game session and have to wait for the next one to start.

If your kids or adults play online multiplayer video games like Call Of Duty, Battlezone or America’s Army, Pinnacle Paintball is a real life version of those popular games.

Except at Pinnacle it’s all outside! Fresh air and awesome, creative environments. Get the kids and family off the video games and outside for some real heart-pumping fun!

In innovative horseshow large trail surrounds the property and is safely protected by tall netting. You can walk the train and see all of the action up close… and safe! It is completely free to visit and walk around the trail to check everything out!

The layout for the full Pinnacle facility is ingenious with a large center “horseshoe” walkway trail which goes completely around the center playfields. Different themed areas are on both sides of the wide trail. You can strop in and check out Pinnacle, and walk the trail for free!

The trail is protected from the playing fields by tall netting, so even as a visitor you can take a nice walk around the entire facility and see the action in each of the distinctively themed sections.

The center area where the castle is located is clear of trees but features man-made obstacles including wooden barriers, huts and much larger shipping containers and of course.. the Valken Castle.

The main beautiful main building features everything to rent and buy for your next paintball or airsoft experience! The wood in ceiling came from the property!

They support beginners to more experienced players. All the equipment you need is available at the facility to rent, as well as a full paintball store for those who prefer to purchase their own equipment.

If you have a larger group you can book a dedicated map or if it’s you alone or a small group of friends you can mix in with other players.

Front entrance building of Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NJ

They are currently open Wednesdays through Sundays all year round. Check their Facebook and Website for latest information.

With the holiday season here, a family or friend visit to Pinnacle would make for a really unique gift!

Pinnacle Paintball opened in the Summer of 2021 but I am just getting to it now.

And mark in your calendar that next April is their massive Castle Jam event! Hundreds of of players in a weekend event.

Keep scrolling to learn and see more about Pinnacle Paintball Park!

At the start of the fields is the large Field Map. Clearly showing all of the map locations, staging areas, shooting ranges and more!

Pinnacle Paintball: Washington Twp Resident’s Creativity and Skill

The facility is owned by Washington Twp resident Paul Cuccinello who used his experience as a successful contractor to develop the large facility on Delsea Drive.

Paul clearly also has a very creative mind, as the design and theming of this facility is at another level.

I stopped in this weekend to catch up with Paul and check out the facility.

Everything about the Pinnacle Paintball facility was designed with safety in mind, and required full town approval and permits!

The plans for the facility took a few years to develop and open, and Paul started this effort before he turned 30! It just adds to the impressive story in that you would think after seeing the place a much larger Corporate entity put the facility together!

Care was taken for every detail of the facility which had to get approval from Franklin Township. Every facet was designed and blueprinted in advance “It’s the only way I know how to do things”, said owner Paul.

So many details went into the design of Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NJ, from the paved parking, main building and protective netting play areas… owner Paul and his team thought of everything.

I may be the only person pulling up to the facility who was also impressed by the nicely paved parking lot and main building. I mean, I think most people putting together a paintball facility would’ve put gravel down and a very basic building. But Paul and the team did everything to the highest level… and that quality shows throughout the facility.

In fact, while some land was cleared for the center paintball areas… Paul actually bought his own lumber mill and used the wood from the trees on the property in all of the wood aspects of the facility.

From the steps inside the Valken Castle, the wooden barriers in the paintball zones and picnic tables… to even the beautiful wood vaulted ceiling inside the main building, all of that wood is from the property!

It’s easy to understand why this was a three year project.

Overhead view of the Valken Castel at Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NH. Three levels with inside and outside play areas. There is nothing like this in the word!

Pinnacle Paintball : The Facility and Maps

My visit on Sunday was a brisk late afternoon just as dusk was rolling in.

There were still several groups of players still out in the wooded permitter sections during my visit, so I got to see some paintball action up close… but from the other side of the protective netting!

Interior of the main building at Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NJ. This group just completed a fun afternoon out in the fields!

I am looking forward to stopping back earlier in the day to see the place really “popping”… and trying to organize some friends to head out one weekend day soon as a group.

The main building is at the front of the property at the edge of the parking lot.

Inside is the the main counter area where you check in ahead of your scheduled match, and another large section showcasing paintball items which you can purchase.

The process for playing is not difficult at all but I suggest you check the Pinnacle website and FAQ to to get all the details.

Some highlights are; It’s cheaper to pre-register to play. Groups must book in advance. Kids must be 10 yrs or older to participate. You can use your own equipment but you have to use the Pinnacle paintballs.

Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NJ offers a top-tier paintball experience!

Center Maps

The center area of the facility is absolutely going to grab your attention first.

In this area the trees are cleared and the barriers are all manmade.

There are 4 different playing fields in this center area, with at least one separated off from the other center game fields.

Overhead view of Valken and Cabin Fever in front of it. Cabin Fever offers protective cabin spaces and barriers all made from trees on on the property!

As mentioned the Valken Castle is the signature structure, made from large shipping containers but built to meet all construction codes.

It’s a THREE level building standing 30 feet high!

It features hallways and open windows, and of course steps to reach the upper levels.

It very much feels like a Call of Duty video game map where players work their way inside a building.

Pinnacle says a structure like this has never been developed in world!

Con-x is based on Shipping Containers. Pinnacle Paintball Malaga NJ

Con-X is another map in the center area which also utilizes the larger shipping container with some of them stacked. It recreates that video game scene of a large dock yard or outdoor factory plant.

Also in this area are two maps made from wooden and concrete barriers and structures.

Wooded Perimeter Maps

Around the perimeter of the property are the wooded maps.

Overheard photo of the the wide horseshow trail and the Jigsaw wooded playing field at Pinnacle Paintball

Well while the environment of those perimeter maps are wooded, within each map area are more cleverly themed structures.

Lumber Yard features a variety of wood barriers and structures mixed in with the natural trees. And all of the structures are made from the trees that were on the property!

Nestled in the thicker back woods, Urban Assault map features a variety of trucks, school buses and other fun map features. Pinnacle Paintball Malaga NJ

Urban Assault is an post-apocalyptic area with buses, trucks and other barriers within the wooded playing field.

Jigsaw is a series wooden wall barriers tucked into the woods.

A gameplay referee and players are seen in J.B’s Lumberyard. This photo was taken through the protective netting which is easy to see through if you want to safely check out the action from the perimeter trail!

Staging Areas, Food Truck(s) and Shooting Ranges

As mentioned there are three staging areas situated along the main segments of the wide trail.

The staging areas have multiple benches and paintball booths.

One of three staging areas at Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NJ. They are spaced around the perimeter of the horseshow trail.

Players will meet in these area ahead of matches, as well as after the matches.. to share stories of the day’s most explaining matches.

During my visit I saw a food truck was on the property, positioned right along the trail.

The shooting gallery at Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NJ

As mentioned they also have a shooting gallery area and for one of the groups I was watching, after their match they visited the shooting gallery to clear out some of their unused ammo.

Be sure to check the Pinnacle Website before heading out as they do a great job of explaining the entire facility and pricing. Also, if you are new to Paintball check out some of the beginner YouTube videos that have been done by others.

Links and Location

Pinnacle Paintball
750 Delsea Drive
Malaga, NJ 08328



Overhead view of Pinnacle Paintball in Malaga NJ