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PDQ Chicken Opens on Cross Keys Road in Sicklerville, NJ

PDQ Chicken Opens on Cross Keys Road in Sicklerville, NJ
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PDQ, a new casual chicken restaurant chain has made its way to the Philadelphia area, setting up on the Winslow side of Cross-Keys Road at the front of the large Carmax complex.   Sunday November 8th was the official full opening, but they have been open for preview “friends and family” events the prior few days.

It’s first store opened just in 2013 in the Tampa area, and already they are 38 locations.  It was founded by some of the original founders of Outback steakhouse, so the management team knows how to make a successful restaurant chain.

This building has been the most popular suggested story to 42Freeway, being posted on our Facebook page and sent in emails.  Our apologies for not capitalizing on the “scoop” potential months ago!  I have pictures from the entire construction process, but didn’t have a chance to post till now.

We stopped in today (Sunday) to check out the place and try some of their food.

PDQ is first and foremost a chicken restaurant, and its no knock on them to say PDQ is in the same category as Chik-Fila.   PDQ offers a variety of chicken sandwiches and tenders, milkshakes, and even turkey sandwiches.

Freshness is a differentiating factor as all food is prepared to order, so you’ll probably be asked for your name as it could take a minute or two for your order.  They recognize this by having a PA system in use for them to call out your name when your food is ready.

Overall the building is put together very nicely.  There is a lot of character in the building, with its high ceiling, modern styling, and lots of windows.  It gives me a feeling of a Pacific Northwest style.

There is outdoor seating right out front, and a mixture of seating styles inside, from hi-top pub tables, a counter area, traditional booths and a large circular booth.

The kitchen is completely open to the restaurant, and on this opening day there were a LOT of employees working the kitchen and the dining area.

IMG_9082I went with the grilled chicken tenders and fries.  The chicken was tender and juicy.  A big favorite of mine was the fresh cut shoe string French fries.  No coating on these fries…  they take a potato, slice it into shoestring strips, and fry.  Simple, as it should be.

The dining area employees were very helpful and interested in my satisfaction, asking me if I needed assistance during my quick wait to order, and stopping at my table multiple times while eating “yes, I’ll have some BBQ sauce”

It was well worth the trip, and another great addition to the Cross-Keys strip which recently saw the opening of Hobby Lobby and Tilted Kilt.  Surprisingly this is one of the first fast/casual restaurant sitting directly on Cross-Keys Road in that main shopping district, and should do very well in the location.

PDQ – Sicklerville Winslow
610 Cross Keys Road
Sicklerville, NJ 08081