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Pandora Diner Williamstown is Cooking Up a September Opening. Applications Being Accepted

Pandora Diner Williamstown is Cooking Up a September Opening.  Applications Being Accepted
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UPDATE: THEY ARE OPEN! Opened Oct 19. Check this new post!

The Pandora Diner is coming to Williamstown NJ, with plans to open up in September.

The property was previously known as Peter’s Diner, which closed earlier this year when the sale to the the Pandora Diner family was completed. 42Freeway broke that news to readers back on February 27, 2022.

The diner location is at 1741 S Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, NJ at the Malaga Rd intersection, caddy-corner from Walmart.

We have heard from representatives that they are targeting a September reopening as Pandora.

This will be the third location for Pandora Diner, with the other two being in Springfield Township NJ, and Cinnaminson in Burlington County.

The two Burlington County locations have been repeatedly named the best in Burlington County!

Pandora Diner has developed a great reputation of offering delicious food, great services and a wonderful caring family operating the locations.

The menu is both amazingly large and also inventive. Just in the full dinner entrees there are over 100 choices, and that doesn’t include the sandwiches, paninis and more.

They are currently accepting applications for all three locations via email or online form. Check the employment page of their website.

Pandora: It’s a gift in a box. Something good comes out of it

Saban Pamuk to in 2015

Pandora Diner Williamstown Updates

The Williamstown location will be a good 45 minute drive from the first two Pandora Diners, which will really expand the reach of the restaurant brand to an entire new group of customers.

The Pandora Diner website has been updated to include the Williamstown location in multiple places, and they are also featuring the Williamstown version of their extensive menu.

They maintain separate Facebook pages for the two prior locations, but at this time we could not locate one for Williamstown. A shame because this article would’ve gotten them a bunch of early likes!

We’ve visited the site a few times over the last few months and its clear they have been doing updates to the building, although we aren’t aware of what the interior changes are.

On the outside they did replace the entrance steps, and in a recent visit we saw that the prior diner’s signage on the building had been removed ahead of the placement of new signage.

Pandora Diner Williamstown from April 2022 when they were rebuilding the front entrance steps and lower brickwork facade.

Pandora Diners and the Pamuk Family!

Like many South Jersey diners the business incorporates the entire family, and in this case its the Pamuk family of Burlington County.

According to a 2020 article at the Burlington County Times, the family also owns the Town & Country Diner in Bordentown where the daughters Senay and Nuray run that diner which their father purchased in 2019.

The Pandora Diners are operated by son Saban, who obviously has an eye for expanding the brand!

For those that will unfortunately want to connect the new Pandora Williamstown location to its former ownership… just don’t.

This is an all new experience with a family that knows how to operate a diner. They father started in 1978!

The BCT article on Town & Country Diner describes how when they took over in 2019 the family made significant changes to the operation of that diner giving everything a deep clean and replacing everything that had become worn out.

“The family is wonderful,” she said of the Pamuks. “So nice and friendly.”

A Burlington County Customer speaking of the family who now will operate Pandora Diner in Williamstown

The article goes on to say “Nothing has to be frozen, everything is fresh. Everything is made on the premises here except things we can’t make”

Pandora Diner – The Food

For the Pandora Williamstown location while we don’t have details yet on the changes they’ve implemented for the diner, they have published the updated menu on their website.

The menu is both large and innovative.

In every category of food they are featuring all new creative options. There are 24 burger choices alone!

In just the full dinner entrees they offer over 100 choices! That’s not counting all of the sandwiches or mini-meal options!

Of course we can expect all the diner staples from breakfast omelets to open-faced hot turkey platters.

And yes they have amazing desserts.’s renowned food writer Peter Genovese wrote in 2015 about the Springfield location of Pandora:

What I liked best: the chocolate fudge cake. Best chocolate cake so far (on his NJ diner tour)

Peter Genovese 2015

Many interesting things jump out on the menu. In fact there are MANY things identified as NEW!

They’ve upgraded their French Fry choices to include sweet potato, loaded waffle, and disco fries (American cheese and brown gravy)

They already offered a large selection of $11.99 panini sandwiches but they’ve now added even more variety with a California (turkey, bacon, avocado, cheese), Cordon Bleu (grilled chicken, ham, swiss) and Pastrami.


Their selection of wraps now tops out at 11 varieties with the addition of Honey Mustard Chicken or Turkey, and a Veggie option.

Specialty burgers… how about TWENTY FOUR CHOICES including 8 new varieties. There are just too many to list but I know I have my eye on the Sunny Jack burger which features Sunny Side up eggs!

The sandwich section offers 30 different choices including chicken parmigiana, Turkey Rachel Melt (open faced with Coleslaw and Russian dressing), and Roast beef!

There are several new Pot Roast based sandwiches including Mississippi (with pepperoni!), California (avocado) and Ranch House featuring fried red peppers, bacon, ranch dressing and provolone cheese. Ok, I am trying that one also.

They even have an all new category… Handcrafted Grilled Cheese.

Sure grilled cheese is on every diner menu. But at Pandora they are taking up several levels.

Featured on the menu are 5 different varieties featuring variations of pot roast, turkey breast, and even meatloaf!

How about a salad? How about a choice of 24 different ones?!

In the full dinner category they offer 23 different entrees, 15 sauté choices, 15 seafood options, 28 broiled seafood specialties and 22 steak specialties!

PLUS that doesn’t include the mini-meal options of which they list 38 of them!

And of course they have breakfast options and a children’s menu.

Honestly I can’t wait to stop back in September and give them a try!

Links and Location

The Pandora Diner Williamstown (Expected opening September 2022)
1741 S Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ

(856) 388-2055