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Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop Washington Twp, a Brick Grocery Rebranding. Remodel Coming!

Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop Washington Twp, a Brick Grocery Rebranding.  Remodel Coming!
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Palmisano’s Sandwich shop is coming to Washington Township’s Egg Harbor Road to a familiar location… a rebranding of the Brick Grocery Store who has created a name for themselves with their amazing premium sandwiches.

The effort will include a full interior remodel of the space, and a significantly expanded menu.

They are open through the process, so please continue to order amazing sandwiches and other products!

They made the announcement on their Facebook page a few days ago.

In the near future, the tasty sandwiches you guys know and love will be under a new name, Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop!

With this change, we encourage everyone to keep an eye out for when the switch is official, so you know it’s still us! Our social media accounts as well as our profile pictures will all be changed to fit our new brand.

Also, our kitchen will be undergoing some renovations which means delicious new menu items. Lastly, Palmisano’s will bring extended hours and some other fun changes we are excited for but can’t tell you about quite yet.

We couldn’t be more grateful for all of our customers and we welcome any suggestions you guys have to make Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop the best it can be.

Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop (Formerly Brick Grocery)

I stopped in today and chatted with owner Nick who provided additional details… this is MUCH more than a simple name change!

Likely the next change you will see at the shop is new signage going up at the front of the building featuring the Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop branding.

But that’s just the start of the process as he is currently finalizing the plans for the remodel, converting the space into a more focused sandwich shop, which he expects to have completed later this summer

To be clear, the Sandwich Shop and Gourmet Store is expected to be open through the entire process. Well, maybe a later in the summer they’ll close a few days for some aspects of the more impactful kitchen upgrade efforts.  Follow along on their Facebook page for updates.

Along with the changes they’ve expanded their hours.  Now open 6 days a week.  11-7pm Tues-Friday.  Saturday until 8 and Sunday until 4pm.

They are now even offering delivery! Soon Grubhub will be available but they are also making their own deliveries in the immediate area… reach out to Palmisano’s for details.

Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop – Washington Township.

The store in the Harbor Place shopping center opened in 2021 as Brick Grocery, featuring a variety of gourmet food products including their own line of olive oils and vinegars.

A year later in December 2022, owner Nick introduced Italian gourmet sandwiches to the shop and since then they have gained rave reviews from customers all over South Jersey.

With an existing product line at the time offering high quality products, he realized his sandwiches needed to match that same premium and delicious standard.

When Nick put together his sandwich recipes he chose premium Rovagnati deli meats, fresh produce, and put everything on South Philly’s famed Sarcone’s rolls.  Coupled with innovative recipes that are unique to his shop… the beautiful and delicious sandwiches have really connected with the public. 

Soon after “Cutlet” sandwiches were added the weekend menu.

It seems like every other day I see one of their sandwiches posted in one of the popular Facebook food groups by happy customers eager to share the beautifully crafted and delicious sandwiches.

The New Sandwich Shop at Brick Grocery - Washington Township
Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop – Washington Township

After the upgrades are completed, the core gourmet grocery product offering will still be available but moved to the front of the store.  The largest portion of the space will be focused on Palmisano’s sandwich shop featuring customer seating, a larger kitchen, and new equipment including a grill and fryers.

You’ve probably realized that with the new kitchen equipment, it means Nick and family will be extending the menu to include a variety of hot food items, as well as additional cold sandwich options.

I stopped in today and chatted with Nick who shared some of his menu plans… but some aspects you’re going to have to wait to find out!    (I volunteered to stop back and try everything out.)

Absolutely you’re going to find amazing meatball sandwiches and roast pork, and he has more ideas for delicious cold sandwich varieties…  but as I said, you’ll have to check back later in the summer for the final menu!

Links and Locations

Palmisano’s Sandwich Shop (Formerly Brick Grocery)
288 Egg Harbor Road
Washington Township NJ 08080

(856) 355-8882