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Nonna’s Pizza Coming to Hurffville Rd Deptford. Now Hiring

Nonna’s Pizza Coming to Hurffville Rd Deptford.  Now Hiring
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Nonna’s Pizza “A Taste of Italy” is coming to Deptford NJ on Hurffville Rd (Rt 41), featuring artisan pizzas, amazing sandwiches and more!

This artisan pizza shop is owned by Deptford’s own Nicky and Dana Umile, who have been town residents for almost 30 years!

The new restaurant will be located across from Ice Cream Love, in the building which most recently was home to La Polpetta.

The Umiles are currently hiring for kitchen and delivery help. All counter positions are filled. You can message Nicky at his personal Facebook page Nicky Umile if you are interested. Experienced kitchen staff preferred.

They are targeting an early to mid November opening. Well let’s just say “before Thanksgiving”

Nonna’s Pizza A Taste Of Italy is coming to Deptford NJ on Hurffville Rd (41)! The location was previously La Polpetta restaurant

Nonna’s Pizza – A Taste of Italy

The family make for an excellent team!

Nicky has been a chef his entire life! He’s known since he was a child that being a chef and operating his own restaurant businesses is what he wanted to do.

Dana is an excellent chef also, and as Nicky says… “Dana is the backbone to the place!”

They currently operate Nonna’s Pizza at the Subaru Park soccer stadium in Chester PA, as well as Nickie’s Pickie’s catering.

The husband-wife team will still be operating the soccer stadium location but with the new Deptford home base they have an opportunity to combine all of their culinary skills under one roof.

The best tasting Italy inspired artisan pizzas, the creative restaurant creations, and the catering business… all operating in Deptford.

A delicious pie from chef Nicky of Deptford NJ

Crews have been working on the new Deptford property for weeks upgrading the exterior with new landscaping and a fully repainted parking lot.

Inside the restaurant Nicky, Dana and the team are working on the interior changes necessary to bring Nonna’s Pizza Deptford to life!

Deptford residents Nicky and Dana Umile are opening Nonna’s Pizza A Taste of Italy in Deptford NJ. Opening expected Mid-November 2022

An updated sign is on order and it will soon be showing the Nonna’s Pizza logo.

While I have not tried Nicky’s pizza, he tells me it’s a square thinner crust pizza created with the finest ingredients… in a style that is straight from Italy.

I’ll be back as they get ready to open, and share more about the Nonna’s Pizza menu

A variety of items that Nicky has prepared as part of his restaurant and catering businesses. Now this doesn’t mean these items will be on his Deptford location menu but it does give a strong hint of the delicious things to come!

Links and Location

Nonna’s Pizza – A Taste Of Italy (Opening Mid November)
1491 Hurffville Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096

Website and Facebook to come soon. For now you can check out his Nickie’s Pickie’s group on Facebook where he shares photos from his catering business

Nonna’s Pizza at the Subaru Park in Chester PA, home to the Union Soccer team. Nicky Umile is opening a full restaurant location in his hometown of Deptford NJ