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Muttz & Meowz Pet Food Store Open in Washington Township

Muttz & Meowz Pet Food Store Open in Washington Township
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Muttz & Meowz is a new independent healthy pet food store which just opened last weekend in Washington Township on Egg Harbor Rd, directly next to Polizzi Pizza!

And continuing the Township trend… the new Muttz & Meowz store is owned by Washington Township residents! This time around it’s Greg and Robin Bevan.

The Bevan family has immersed their home and family with a complete menagerie of beloved pets including multiple cats, dogs, lizards, a pig and a goat… so opening their own pet food and supply store makes complete sense!

Muttz & Meowz is open every day, typically 9am-7pm. Check out their Facebook page for specific hours. Like!

They feature pet food, treats, supplies and more!

Keep scrolling down for more details!

Muttz & Meowz is open in Washington Township NJ on Egg Harbor Rd… Next to Polizzi’s Pizza

The store looked well stocked to me, but Greg says even more is on the way! Also coming soon is their credit card processing equipment so if you visit over the next few days you’ll need to bring cash.

Store front signage will be up in a week or so.

A Lifetime of Animal Love and Care

Mark from 42 Freeway stopped in yesterday and caught up with Greg, who tells us his entire career has been in the pet food business

When the family chose to open up a pet food and supply store, Greg already had a lifetime of supplier contacts he needed to stock the store, as well as the industry knowledge to pick the best products for your beloved pet!

Even the store interior was a family production, with Robin coming up with layout and ideas, and Greg constructing the shelving and other display racks.

Muttz & Meowz is a beautiful store with healthy products for your pets, Washington Township NJ

From the floors, to the register counters, to all of the displays and shelving.. it was all the creative minds of the Bevan family.

And it all comes together beautifully.. Muttz and Meowz is a bright store showcasing the colorful packaging which seems common in the pet food industry, contrasted by the wood constructed shelving which adds a rustic but high quality look to the store.

One wall is lined with car products, and the other dog products.

Healthy Food Choices For Your Pet

As mentioned, Greg has been in the pet food industry his entire life and the goal with their own store was to make healthy product choices.

A few examples… Stella & Chewy’s takes up most of a section in the dog area. They use only premium ingredients from responsibly sourced animal proteins to 100% organic fruits and vegetables.

Premium brand pet foods fill the store, such as Stella & Chewy’s! Muttz & Meowz Sewell Washington Township

The Stella & Chewy selection at the store features dinner patties from a variety of proteins, meal mixers, and raw coated kibble. Beef, turkey, surf & turf, lamb and more.

Bagged foods are also available including Fromm, Wholesomes, Tiki-Cat and many more!

Not only are the product choices healthy for your pets and produced from responsible sources, many of the companies are family owned.

Wholesomes is 4th generation family owned, and Fromm is 5th generation!

Bocce’s Dog Treats are prominently displayed at the front of the store, and since it was my daughter’s birthday this month, I brought home a package of Bocce’s Birthday Cake dog treats for “her” dog… which somehow became “our” dog. 🙂

The 42Freeway family dog loved the Bocce’s Birthday Cake treasts! Hi Dyson!

While the store is not overly large, the Bevan’s have covered all of the bases.

Also available are a large selection of healthy pet treats, jerkies, biscuits and more.

Pet toys are on display around the store and the back wall.

And there are even healthy choices for pet care products such as Flea & Tick sprays, shampoos and more.

Healthy Pet food, treats, animal care, toys and more at Muttz & Meowz

An Old School Store Experience

I caught Greg in the middle of the day during a quiet moment for the new store, and we were able to chat for a bit.

While I am a techno-geek and have enough cameras, microphones and sound equipment to run my on news television station… Greg likes to do things simpler.

He’s not really an internet guy. Would prefer to write orders and inventory down on paper. Has never had a Facebook account.

Greg in the family’s new Muttz & Meowz store. (From their Facebook)

What he prefers in business… from the family Muttz & Meowz business in particular… is a personal shopping experience.

Greg wants to get to know his customers. He wants to know their pets. He wants you to ask questions, and he’s happy to chat about what is best for your beloved pet.

Truly a very personable guy, we found ourselves chatting about family, kids… and drumming!

So the point of this is… in today’s challenging retail environment for workers and businesses, Washington Township has another local family owned business with knowledgeable staff, who are eager to answer all your questions about their products.

Go visit Greg and Robin at Muttz & Meowz!

And while your there, stop in next door and pick up an amazing pizza or sandwich at Polizzi’s Pizza. Another awesome Washington Township Family owned business!

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