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Monarch Diner Coming to Glassboro PB’s Diner Location! New Owners Are Original Lamp Post Diner Creators

Monarch Diner Coming to Glassboro PB’s Diner Location!  New Owners Are Original Lamp Post Diner Creators
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Glassboro’s PB’s Diner and Taproom on Delsea Drive closed earlier this year and has sat quiet for several months.  42Freeway exclusive is we have uncovered that a new diner is coming soon, to be called Monarch Diner & Restaurant… and the owners are the same gentlemen who originally created the Lamp Post Diner in Gloucester Township, and who also recently purchased the Red Lion Diner in Vincentown.  I found reports that they also own the Marblehead Chowder House in the Lehigh Valley.   (Records indicate that the Lamp Post diner may have been sold in the Fall of 2017)

The new diner even has a Facebook page set up already!!

I had known PB’s closed but just never got around to posting it… other media outlets had previously posted about financial problems.

So today 42Freeway reader Mike D posts on the page “I saw that the parking lot at PB’s Diner in Glassboro was repaved this past week. Have you heard anything about it reopening?.”  Which yeah… is a clear indication that someone is looking to reopen the diner soon.  Off to find information as I sat in the living room watching the Packers and Patriots.

So I start scanning through the Glassboro Council and Planning meetings… and found some things.   In the 9/25/2018 Council meeting there are two references to the Diner.   

First: PB Diner Update:  Mr Linardos of Omalos Inc, presented conceptual plans for the Monarch Diner.

Boom, and just like that I have a diner name, and a business owner’s name.

Later on in the minutes they list the transfer of the liquor license “To Allow For the Sale of PB Diner”.  That is more significant in that it lets us know the new eatery will still serve alcohol! 

So for those wondering how I pull these posts together (well this is one example), I searched… 

Linardos:  searching on the Linardos name I found NJ diner owner “Andy Linardos”.   Reading through online articles I found he is listed as part of the original ownership group of the Lamp Post Diner in Gloucester Township, and recently the same group purchased the Red Lion Diner.  Also listed in the articles was Paul Tsiknakis who I remember well from my many visits to the Brooklawn Metro Diner.  I remembered him as a very friendly and polite guy… and young enough to make me think at the time “this guy can’t be the owner, he’s too young!”, but an excellent article over at the Pine Barrens Tribune gives a great history of Paul and his group’s growing diner successes.  I highly recommend giving it a read.

Omalos Inc:  You may not be aware of this, but New Jersey business incorporation documents are searchable via the internet.  The state oddly charges 20 cents for this, and in looking at the incorporation docs, while Linardos is listed as the principle owners.. the other gentlemen (Tsiknakis) in the group are listed in the board of directors.

Monarch Diner :  So then I did a simple web and Facebook search, curious if a web presence was established, and was happy to have found the Monarch Diner facebook page.  Not really sure why I didn’t search that one first! Doh!

So bringing all those aspects together… the original Lamp Post Diner crew are taking over PB’s Diner in Glassboro, hoping to open around the turn of the year.

I live very close to 5-points and a straight run up 47 to Glassboro, so I hope to be regular visitors to the Monarch. 

More as we get it…

Monarch Diner and Restaurant
500 Delsea Drive
Glassboro NJ 08028

Facebook Page

UPDATE: We also posted Royal Farms is interested in the University Bowling Lanes property located directly across the street from where Monarch Diner will be.