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Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin NJ is Open!

Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin NJ is Open!
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The eagerly awaited Monaco indoor Karting in Berlin NJ opens today (April 25th, 2023) at 4:00 PM!

Monaco is an indoor go-kart track using hi-tech electric karts. The larger main track is for adults to teens, and a second track will open soon targeting junior riders. (But it’s so much more. Keep reading)

I visited with the Monaco team several times over the last few weeks and have already had a chance to drive the cars… it’s an exhilarating and fun experience! I was onsite with the inspector was in the building and had just handed Monaco their final green “all approved” inspection sticker!

Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin uses state-of-the-art technology to manage the track functions, timing and safety aspects

The indoor racing track uses electric cars which makes them very responsive to the driver, and with no emissions from the engine it makes them very safe for indoor use.

42Freeway first wrote about the plans for this facility about six months ago, but this has actually been a two year project for owners Giovanni and Oliver.

Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin is now open!

The large 62,000 square foot facility in Berlin NJ takes over most of what was previously a K-mart retail store. K-Mart had been closed since 2014… so it took a considerable effort in money and time to effectively rebuild the space and prepare it for racing, arcade games and snacks. Just consider the electrical work alone to support the kart’s high-speed chargers!

That Berlin Shopping Center was recently acquired by a new owner who’s investing in improvements in the facility and parking areas.  Monaco indoor karting is their signature big signing and additional new tenants are in the works!

High-speed thrills await you at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin. The latest hi-tech indoor electric karts provide speed, fun and safety to drivers.

Monaco Indoor Karting Highlights

The main show of the facility is the large 1/3 mile track, which utilizes the largest part of the mostly open space. Race against the clock, your friends, and coming soon… leagues!

A second smaller “junior” track is located in the back of the building, but the smaller track will not be operational until mid-summer.

It’s not just racing at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin! They also have an arcade… redeem tickets for prizes!

in addition to the high thrills of the F1-Style electric racing cars, Monaco also includes a variety of arcade games similar to those found at Jersey Shore arcades, as well as a prize redemption center.

Monaco Cafe snack bar is also onsite and offers refreshing drinks, food and snacks.    You can grab a hot slice of pizza, a tasty hot dog, and a variety of refreshing drinks including Gatorade and Red Bull.

Trust me, if you spend 10-12 minutes navigating around the twists and turns of the track, you will be looking for something delicious and refreshing to re-energize you for your next race!

Coming soon will be private party/event rooms and the Warped Walls indoor “ninja” course.

The Monaco cafe offers refreshing drinks and tasty snacks including hot dogs and freshly made pizza! Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin

The party rooms have already been constructed at the back of the building, but for now the staff wants to focus on the other aspects of the facility before taking party reservations.

Last week I got a chance to take a few laps around the track and test out the cars!

I found them to be very responsive both in the “hitting the gas pedal” and steering I joked that it felt like I was doing 100 miles an hour when I know those looking at me from the sidelines probably thought I was crawling through the track at a snails pace.

While I didn’t ask this directly, I know the entire system is fully computerized and likely the staff can set acceleration rates and speed for individual drivers.

I’m looking forward to returning again and again to become a top track master at Monaco Indoor Karting.

Mark from 42Freeway had a chance to take the karts around for several laps, but I forgot to get a photo in the kart! Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin

Monaco Kart Racing – The Track

The featured aspect of this new and exciting business is obviously the Monaco Kart racing track, and the high performance electric cars.

The signature adult track is 1/3 of a mile long and the layout is carefully designed with the driver in mind, to offer then different challenges throughout the course.

The goal is to give a true ultimate racing experience for each driver.

The finish line at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin. Several track timers are located along the course. You’ll get timed by each segment of track, and on-track screens give you instant updates

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced racer you’re gonna find a challenge in the course that’s going to match your skill set, including switchbacks requiring carefully orchestrated turns, and straightaways to pick up speed.

Soon you’ll be learning the curves and nuances of the course, and picking your opportunities to move past ahead of your opponent racers.

All aspects of the race, from registration to timing of your race is fully computerized.

Safety is the #1 priority at Monaco. All drivers wear helmets and the cars have full harness belts. Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin

Co-owner Giovanni explained to me that the track is set up like a Formula One race track where in several places along the track there are timed segments and associated screens.

You won’t have to wait until the race is over to see how well your time was in the race. The segmented timers and associated on-track display screens will let you know throughout each lap just how well you’re doing!

Weekday hours start at noon, and weekends they open at 10am.

The layout of the Adult track at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin

Monaco Kart Racing – The Karts

Monaco Indoor Karting has a fleet of 30 electric Sodi RTX racing karts which were designed and built in Europe.

Monica has made it a goal to have the best performance vehicle that the indoor karting industry has to offer!

The Sodi RSX state-of-the-art electric race kart, at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin

The Sodi RSX is literally the latest benchmark for electric go-karts on the market, and features the latest technology and electronic advances possible.

The cars and seats are fully adjustable for different size drivers, and patented technology is built into a variety areas of the car.

The team at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin go through additional training ahead of their opening.. which is today!

It’s an ingenious system to charge the karts’ batteries as they are plugged in from overhead charging devices. As racers are out on the course jockeying for their fastest time, another group of cars are waiting for their chance to race, loading up drivers… and getting recharged at the same time.

Monaco Kart Racing – Racing Details

I know folks are always looking for pricing and I typically direct them to the website for latest information as my articles could be online for years but the pricing could change over time.

A common thing in any race track experience is you have to purchase a yearly license which is currently priced at $8.   This is likely to ensure that you’ve filled out all of the latest waivers, and had go through the driving overview and understand all of the safety considerations.

It would then be a separate fee to drive the cars on the track.

The track at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin

Giovanni tells me a race is 10-12 minutes long (I’m confirming that now).  Trust me that many minutes is a long time racing around the course and you’re gonna feel exhilarated, excited and worn out once it’s done.

Currently they operate on a “walk-in” basis.

There is a kiosk area for drivers to schedule and pay for their race. Soon online pre-registration will become available.

All aspects of the Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin experience are computer monitored, from these registration kiosks through to the race!

I would suggest to get details on their pricing to check their website.

Right now they have a “First Time Driver” experience which includes; The yearly license, a head scarf, and one race..

I have to say, I really am excited by the opening of Monaco Indoor Karting. On it’s own it is an exciting and fun destination for the entire family!

But I also love it’s location, both the general area and within the shopping center. Monaco really should prove to be a boost for more commercial growth in the immediate center and the surrounding area!

Links and Location

Monaco Indoor Karting
328 South White Horse Pike
Berlin NJ


  • Mon – Thur: 12pm-10pm
  • Friday: 12pm-11pm
  • Saturday: 10am-11pm
  • Sunday: 10am- 10pm
One of two lounge areas at Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin. Plus there is plenty of room to hang out, and coming soon are private party/event rooms!

The Junior track will be online later this year! Monaco Indoor Karting in Berlin