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ModWash Starts Build at Cross Keys & New Brooklyn-Erial Rd. Washington Twp Close. More to Come

ModWash Starts Build at Cross Keys & New Brooklyn-Erial Rd.  Washington Twp Close. More to Come
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Construction has started on a ModWash car wash for the corner of Berlin Cross-Keys Rd and New Brooklyn-Erial Road.

Another ModWash opened in September just 2 miles away from this location, directly across from The Tilted Kilt.

And they are far from done!

With plans to go from zero to 100 locations in just a few short years, ModWash has in full development in nearby Washington Township, Blackwood-Clementon Road was approved, a location has been proposed in Magnolia, and another is in the works for Deptford!

And still yet another location is listed as “Sewell”… but not quite sure where that is yet.

ModWash car wash construction has stared at Berlin Cross-Keys and New Brooklyn-Erial Road. This is 2 miles down from an existing ModWash on the same Cross Keys Road.

ModWash and Hutton – Cleaning Up the Competition

ModWash is a brand new company started by Chattanooga Tennessee construction firm Hutton.

We posted on Hutton previously and gave information on their growth in the car wash industry, but an article at adds additional interesting details.

Hutton’s core business is to build commercial buildings for other companies. With significant experience in the development process, CEO Karen Hutton decided to start their own brand.

Hutton will build and own all of the car wash sites, which will then be leased to the ModWash entity.

Each property costs between $3.5 million to $14 million.

State of the art systems at ModWash (Image is from Sicklerville)

ModWash Cross Keys Road and New Brooklyn-Erial Road

We received a couple of messages this week asking “what’s going on at New Brooklyn-Erial and Cross Keys” which brought to our attention that dirt must be getting turned over for the next ModWash car wash.

ModWash Carwash site plan for Cross Keys Rd and New Brooklyn-Erial Road

We posted on this then unnamed car wash back in July 2020 when it went before the Gloucester Township Zoning Board.

The intersection is just past the Target and Lowe’s shopping center on Cross Keys Rd (heading from route 42) and signifies the start of an area just not as much developed as what is Southwest.

Many will remember the light-blue hexagon building on the corner across Cross Keys Road. It was built as part of the Wilton’s Corner development and last year that building was demolished.

For our visit today there was a lot of activity as crews were working on the initial site prep work.

ModWash Turnersville Full Building is Constructed

A month earlier over in Washington Township, the same folks from Hutton appeared before the Planning Board to talk about a car wash for the Black Horse Pike.

The location specifically was the closed Burger King property next to Chick-Fil-A.

ModWash Car Wash in Turnersville NJ is under construction also.

That project was approved and construction started quickly in late 2021.

We visited the site today and the core building is up, and we can even see the car wash equipment inside the building.

Workers were working on the parking and paving areas.

ModWash Sickerville Cross Keys Rd

One of the 42 Freeway area’s first ModWash car washes opened up across the street from The Tilted Kilt restaurant, in a lot that was undeveloped.

This car was opened last fall, and shows everyone the state of the art equipment that they are using for ModWash car washes!

Modwash Car Wash in Sicklerville NJ is Open! Across from The Tilted Kilt

ModWash Blackwood Clementon Road

Gloucester Township has another ModWash location coming, this one on Blackwood-Clementon Road at the former site of Nifty Fifties (note: Nifty Fifties on the Black Horse Pike is still open)

This location went to Gloucester Township Planning not too long ago, in the fall of 2020.

This property is located directly next to Favorites off-track betting parlor.

ModWash car wash will be taking over this property on Blackwood-Clementon Road.

As mentioned the location a few years ago was a restaurant, and most recently for a very short time it was a Doctor’s office.

The existing building would be torn down to make way for the car wash.

While the demo work has not started yet, construction barrier fencing is in place.

ModWash Magnolia

Another car wash location is set to be developed in Magnolia, in the location of the closed Pizza Hut restaurant on the White Horse Pike.

While 42Freeway missed posting on this one, our friends at South Jersey Observer had the story.

Magnolia is another planned location for ModWash car wash. This one would be at the site of a former Pizza Hut

Behind the closed Pizza Hut property is the CooperTowne Center which includes a Walmart and Cinemark Movie Theater in this busy commercial area.

Hutton appeared before the Joint Land Use board in April. We will track down the outcome of the presentation.

ModWash Deptford

Not a lot is officially known about the Deptford location, but it is listed on the ModWash location list as coming soon.

As far as we know, nothing official has been submitted to the town, but…

… a loyal 42 Freeway reader has shared with us the site plan for where they are looking to develop the car wash.

The location is on Delsea Drive near the Bowlero bowling alley, and the traffic signal entrance to the shopping center (same sad as Bowlero, but across the access road)

Still very early in development stages and not presented, a location is targeted for Deptford

ModWash… Sewell?

On the car wash’s website they also list Sewell as a coming soon location.

Honestly, we don’t have any idea where that is.

And “Sewell” is so tough to pin down as a location. While it’s home base is Mantua, there are at least two other towns which have areas called Sewell, including Washington Township and Deptford.


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