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Modwash Car Wash Proposed for Bruster’s Property in Washington Twp

Modwash Car Wash Proposed for Bruster’s Property in Washington Twp
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Update: The Modwash car wash was approved, but on Oct 22, 2022… Bruster’s ownership put signs in the windows saying the deal was cancelled and Bruster’s was for sale. Read more here.

A ModWash Carwash is being proposed for Greentree Rd in Washington Township at the property which currently houses the combo Bruster’s Ice Cream & Nathan’s Hot Dogs restaurant.

The Bruster’s Ice Cream and Nathan’s Hot Dogs is STILL OPEN! Visit them today, tomorrow.. again and again!

Yes, if approved and it moves forward… this would mean Bruster’s will close at this location. The existing building would be demolished and a car wash would be developed at the same site.

The ModWash development team will be presenting before the Washington Township Planning Board on September 6th, 2022.

ModWash Turnersville NJ
A ModWash Car Wash recently opened in Turnersville on the Black Horse Pike. They are proposing a second location in town at Bruster’s Ice Cream on Greentree Rd. (Image: 42Freeway)

This would be the second ModWash Car Wash for Washington Township. They very recently opened a location on the Black Horse Pike next to Chick-Fil-A. A closed Burger King was previously at that location.

To be clear, as far as we can tell Bruster’s and Nathan’s are still operating at the time of this article’s publication.

A now closed self-wash car wash was located directly across the street. While many would say “just build Modwash over there”… that property seems too small for the automated ModWash system and vacuum area.

The Bruster’s property is a fair bit larger than what is built there currently. Probably almost double the size.

Years ago there was an exact same configured Bruster’s Nathan’s on Rt 45 in Woodbury Heights. That building was demolished in 2017 to make way for a Starbucks.

The Bruster’s & Nathan’s property is significantly larger than the currently developed space. A portion of it is water management basin (Image: Google with 42Freeway overlay)

Bruster’s & Nathan’s – Washington Township

The combo Bruster’s & Nathan’s eatery is a drivethru and walkup restaurant which also offers outdoor seating options.

The Greentree Road location is close to the Egg Harbor intersection. Directly across Greentree Road is Starbucks, which sit as part of the larger “Acme” shopping center.

The Bruster’s and Nathan’s Drive-thru restaurant in Washington Township is slated to be come a ModWash Car Wash. (Image: 42Freeway)

Looking at historical maps it seems Bruster’s opened around 2007/2008 which means they are at, or close to, their 15 year anniversary!

The unique combo franchise meant they offer the best of two delicious hot and cold worlds; sweet and refreshing cold ice cream and drinks, as well as hot and fulfilling hot dogs, chicken fingers and more!

We have not reached out yet to the owners of this location as to why they are choosing to have ModWash take over the location.

The combo store of Bruster’s and Nathan’s means a large menu of refreshing cold treats and delicious hot foods! (Image: 42Freeway)

Modwash – Growing In South Jersey

I’ve written about so many ModWash carwashes.. I am running out of things to say!

ModWash is a brand new company started by Chattanooga Tennessee construction firm Hutton.

Hutton’s core business is to build commercial buildings for other companies. With significant experience in the development process, CEO Karen Hutton decided to start their own brand.

They are on a fast mission to have 100 locations in the USA in just a matter of a few years! Based on what we are seeing in South Jersey that seems very likely!

As mentioned they currently have a location in Washington Township on the Black Horse Pike next to Chick-Fil-A.

Modwash Berlin Cross Keys
Modwash Berlin Cross Keys (Image: 42Freeway)

That location opened just about a month ago, and Mark from 42Freeway stopped in to check out the new carwash.

Also under development are two Gloucester Township locations. One on Blackwood-Clementon Rd where the large Entenmann’s facility was previously located (and now demoed). The second is on Cross Keys Road at New Brooklyn-Erial.

Another location on Cross Keys Rd is open but on the Winslow side.. across from the Tilted Kilt. This was the first ModWash to open in our area.

Also approved is a location in Magnolia on the White Horse Pike.

The Bruster’s and Nathan’s Drive-thru restaurant in Washington Township is slated to be come a ModWash Car Wash. (Image: 42Freeway)

Links and Locations

ModWash Car Wash – Planning Board Meeting
September 6, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.
Washington Township Municipal Building
523 Egg Harbor Road
Sewell, NJ 08080

ModWash Website

Bruster’s and Nathan’s Washington Township – Still Open!
305 Greentree Road
Sewell, NJ