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Miller’s Ale House Deptford WILL OPEN IN 2021! Actively Recruiting for Restaurant Manager!

Miller’s Ale House Deptford WILL OPEN IN 2021!  Actively Recruiting for Restaurant Manager!
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The highly anticipated Miller’s Ale House in Deptford New Jersey is back on track with a targeted opening date later in 2021.  We’ve heard directly from a Miller’s Director, who informed us of this news and pointed out they are actively recruiting for the Restaurant Manager!

This is an awesome sign that the retail and restaurant industry is seeing a brighter future for us all in the coming months!

The new Miller’s Ale House will be taking over the Don Pablos building on Deptford Center Road, in front of Target and directly across from Best Buy.  The Deptford Applebee’s is across the parking lot access road.

This exciting update comes directly from a Miller’s Ale House Director.  42Freeway had been in touch with the individual several times over the last 18 months.  When it came time to let the public know it’s “Game On” for Deptford in 2021 and that Miller’s had started the process to look for a talented Restaurant Manager to run the Deptford location, who ya gonna call?   

GHOSTBUSTERS!    Or, 42Freeway!  🙂

The Restaurant Manager position was reposted on Friday, and while several job sites have the listing, you can start the application process directly via the Miller’s Ale House career website.  Clicking the link should take you to Utilipro (their official recruiting website), or start at the Miller’s career page and click the box “Apply for Management Careers” which will lead you to the same Utilpro page.

Coincidentally, I just stopped at BJ’s Warehouse Club this weekend (which is in the same shopping center as Miller’s) and looked over to the back of the Miller’s Ale House Building and thought “hmmm it looks like there is more new HVAC equipment sitting there, wrapped in plastic?”.   

Not sure if I was correct on that or not, but strange I was thinking something was brewing and I had no idea at the time there was already a message from Miller’s waiting for me at one of my Social Media accounts!

Miller’s Ale House

Miller’s Ale House describes themselves as “We are a casual sports restaurant and bar with freshly-made food at an incredible value.”.   They are a growing chain of casual eateries with alcohol, and the closest locations are in Mt Laurel NJ and South Philadelphia (IKEA center).   

Beer plays a big role in the offerings of Miller’s Ale House, as they advertise “over 75 varieties of local craft, seasonal and domestic beers”!

And of course they have delicious food!  

Sports are also the big extra at Miller’s.   Sure every bar has a few TV’s, but at Miller’s it’s “Wall-to-Wall” screens!

And with all of the amazing national chain eateries in the Deptford area (and surrounding), none really target a large beer selection, until Miller’s arrives!

How Fast Things Changed, For Everything

42Freeway was the first to bring you the story back in September 2019, when we first determined that Miller’s was coming to Deptford NJ, taking over the former Don Pablos.

This was only three months after Don Pablos abruptly closed in June 2019.   Also a 42Freeway “first to report” story.

And just an additional few months later near the end of 2019, construction crews were on site in Deptford, and new utility equipment showed up, stored in the back of the building.

By December of 2019, it was clear this was not a “dust off the place and change the signs” endeavor!  This was to be a complete overall of the old building!

We reported on New Year’s Eve 2019 that the ENTIRE BUILDING was gutted.  Everything gone down to the walls.  Even the floor was removed. 

Miller’s Ale House is going to be a 100% new restaurant in the old shell.

And as we celebrated New Year’s Eve on 2019 and we were all looking forward to 2020, we expected a new Miller’s Ale House to open in late spring 2020!

We all had expected a lot of things from 2020! 

But none of us had any idea how drastically our lives would start changing in just a few months.

I’ll digress for a minute and share a personal story that I’ll always remember as the turning point of 2020 for 42Freeway Mark and Family.

In 2020 we achieved our dream of owning a place at the shore!  A small place in the Wildwoods.  (We got a great deal right before prices went crazy!)

I mention this because almost one year to today (January 14th), we put an official offer in on the house.   

At the time in January 2020, Covid was not even in anyone’s vocabulary in the United States.  It was just a little news story out of China that was starting to get small headlines.  No one paid attention to it.

There was nothing at the time that said to my wife and I “What about the virus?  Should we do this?”

So the irony of this is, less than two months later when we closed on the property on March 10th, the world had completely changed.

Literally in less than two months.. the time it took us to close on a property… everything flipped upside down.

The day of closing we had a celebratory lunch at Wildwood’s Dogtooth.  (With our Real Estate Agent, Cindy… who is AWESOME!)

And then SIX DAYS LATER, Governor Murphy shut everything down.  

Crazy.  A crazy two months, that got even crazier.

(By the way, maybe a good yet awkward time to remind people I have a Wildwood area blog also. ha!  Still just getting things rolling.  Go like the Facebook Page “Wild Over The WIldwoods!”)

So this long humble-brag story is to just point out…

We all 100% ended 2019 with incredibly high hopes for 2020.   No one knew what was coming.   Well, we KNEW that Miller’s Ale House was coming!

And then it all changed.  For everyone and everything.

And in the restaurant and retail industry, for most that meant pulling back.  Revenue plummeted to zero.  Staff was furloughed.

How could anyone continue to develop expensive new locations when revenue is zero?  No one knew where this was going.  Heck, we still aren’t out of the woods!

But with the Country… the World… shutting down in early 2020 and restaurants continuing to feel the pinch of restrictions, there was no way in 2020 that Miller’s Ale House was going to actively continue the construction of the Deptford location.  For a long while, construction wasn’t even allowed!

We learned this simple lesson with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  If Dad doesn’t get his Christmas bonus, the family doesn’t get a new swimming pool!

Anyway so now here we are at the start of 2021.  

The vaccines are starting to roll out.

And while “the numbers” are very high right now, there is a feeling of hope for 2021.  We get its going to take some time, but I think we all expect a much different and better summer this year in 2021.

And apparently so does Miller’s Ale House.  And Barrington’s Chick-fil-A.  And Gloucester Township’s Dave & Busters.  And Deptford’s Round One.  And Deptford’s Republic Bank.  And Deptford’s Ocean State Job Lot.

I feel like we are in an apocalyptical movie where after the damage is done, the people emerge from an underground shelter to the sun shining on their face… and the camera cuts to a small flower blooming on an otherwise barren landscape as the movie ends.

Yeah, all of this because Deptford is getting a Miller’s Ale House in 2021.  


Miller’s Ale House
1860 Deptford Center Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096


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