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Miller’s Ale House Coming to Deptford Don Pablos Building!

Miller’s Ale House Coming to Deptford Don Pablos Building!
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Miller’s Ale House NEW location in Deptford NJ Coming Soon!
UPDATE:  We have confirmed that Miller’s Ale House is moving into Don Pablos.
We’ve heard the rumors over the summer about Miller’s Ale House coming to Deptford… but had no real evidence.   Today reader Herb pointed us to a job listing for a Restaurant Manager “Miller’s Ale House NEW location in Deptford NJ Coming Soon!“.  This is not some random job site… this listing is linked directly from Miller’s Ale House career page.  This is legit.  We had been chatting with Herb previously about this, and honestly over the weekend I was looking at job postings and somehow missed it!  Thanks Herb!

Miller’s Ale House describes themselves as “We are a casual sports restaurant and bar with freshly-made food at an incredible value.”.   They are a growing chain of casual eateries with alcohol, and the closest location is in Mt Laurel NJ.   Beer plays a big role in the offerings as they advertise “over 75 varieties of local craft, seasonal and domestic beers”!

In our area there is a Miller’s in Mt Laurel NJ, South Philadelphia near Ikea, and a new location opened today in Plymouth Meeting.

Where?  Don Pablos Building?  Deptford Movies?   Conversion?

We know that Don Pablos closed and landlord Sobelco took over the liquor license, but I’ve found nothing of their plans (and I called!).   So while we don’t know exactly where Miller’s is going, considering there is an empty well kept restaurant at the Deptford Target Shopping Center, the building owner has the unused liquor license AND with a job posting for a restaurant manager published (indicating they need someone sooner)… the best guess is the Don Pablos building.

For those saying the Don Pablos building is too small, we found a 1997 Courier Post article announcing the opening of Deptford’s Don Pablos and its listed at 7,716 sq foot… and if you look up Miller’s Ale House sq ft, its exactly the same size requirement!!

UPDATE:  We are getting more confirmed information sent to us saying “It’s Don Pablos

Another option…The Deptford Movies project includes a separate restaurant building in the parking lot, up to 9,000 sq ft which would easily fit a Miller’s… but all of the liquor licenses in town are in use,so someone would have to be selling one?

The third and only other realistic option is if another restaurant in Deptford were to convert over to a Miller’s Ale House.

My money is on the Don Pablos building.

Management at Miller’s and the Shopping Center owner were unavailable at time of publication.

A Big Win For Deptford:  Beer

Yes its a national (13 state chain) so you aren’t getting Michelin level food… but in 2019 we are in a beer frenzied culture.  Millenials and everyone want something different.  And 75 beers is going to get a LOT of attention from area residents.  In the 42Freeway, is there a sizable restaurant offering that many beers?    I am a Deptford resident and honestly the spots around the mall… while loved… have gotten a little bit “tired”.  Only Uno’s offers a real bar experience with a sectioned off bar, and targeting craft beer varieties.  While the other places have bars, they are small and limited in selection.   I know a big portion of readers don’t care about beer… but there is a reason breweries are popping up all over the place… people want variety and character.

This is really needed to shake things up!