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Michaels Sewell Washington Township Store: Workers On Site! Targeting Early 2021 Opening!

Michaels Sewell Washington Township Store: Workers On Site!  Targeting Early 2021 Opening!
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A Michaels Arts & Craft store is slated to open on Tuckahoe Road in Sewell (Washington Township) NJ, in the First Quarter of 2021!  We had previously announced this back in March 2020, but Covid and lock-downs have kept things quiet.

42Freeway has confirmed that workers are on site at the former A.C. Moore store, starting the process to convert it into a Michaels store!

The store location is Cross Keys Place on Tuckahoe Rd, in the same center as Edge Fitness, Petco and Old Navy.  Home Depot is next to the strip center.

We stopped at the store location at lunchtime today and saw clear signs that workers were in the building.

New deliveries on pallets were there, clearly marked as “Michaels Arts and Crafts 141 Tuckahoe Road”.

And as our snooping eyes walked back to the car, one of the workers caught up with us “Can I help you?”

And while we already knew “THIS IS HAPPENING!”… I explained who I was and in a short answer they added the goal was an early first quarter 2021 opening.

42Freeway became aware of the activity in the store from our loyal readers, who on our earlier post about the Michaels warehouse had commented “hey we saw people in the old AC Moore store in Township”.    LOVE YOU GUYS!

Michaels and AC Moore Craft Stores

Earlier this morning we reported that Michaels is moving forward with their plans to take over the nearby Winslow Township 750,000 sq ft warehouse, and will be adding 400+ new tractor trailer parking spots.  Read more about that here.

As we explained in that article (and others), what precipitated that was last year A.C. Moore surprised everyone by stating they were exiting the retail business, and Michaels was acquiring many key assets.

Those assets included, the massive warehouse, and 40 store locations.

Back in March we saw a banner on the Sewell Washington Township store location… but that went up right at the start of Covid quarantine, and it was mostly expected that things have been quiet since then.

And this left area crafters with some question on the status.

Well, now you know… there are workers at the store now getting things ready.

Seriously, give this morning’s warehouse post a read…. it has more details.

Michaels Arts and Crafts
141 Tuckahoe Road
Sewell (Washington Twp) NJ