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McDonald’s 5-Points Washington Township Reopens with New Modern Look

McDonald’s 5-Points Washington Township Reopens with New Modern Look
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They were only closed for a couple of weeks, but the 5-Points McDonald’s in Washington Township reopened this week, with a completely new modern look.

Not one surface was left untouched, and even the outside parking was adjusted.

The updated McDonald’s has the squared off sides found in other locations (such as Magnolia) and features a light grey exterior.

Inside there are a variety of seating options from high top tables, booths, tables and round tables with cushioned chairs.  The menu boards behind the counter are flat screen displays, which show updated pricing and has constantly changing hi-res images of the food offerings.

Another big change is they now offer touch screen ordering as an option.  An employee was there to help guide me through the process, but it was mostly fairly easy.  Navigation was a little tricky when I didn’t want to order a “Numbered” meal and had to jump around to get a burger and soda, but nothing we can’t handle!  Before checking-out, you take a table number tent from the adjacent rack, and enter that number that into your order so that when your food is ready they can bring out to you.  Payment with credit card can be handled right at the screen also… I even paid with Apple-Pay!  All without needing to go to the now smaller front counter.

The new McDonald’s removes any remnant of kid’s play area, or the separate cordoned off room they had previously.