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Martini’s on Broadway Opens Today in Pitman! Restaurant and Full Bar! Photo Post

Martini’s on Broadway Opens Today in Pitman!  Restaurant and Full Bar!  Photo Post
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Martini’s on Broadway is a Full Bar & Restaurant opening in Pitman’s thriving “Uptown” shopping and restaurant district… the full Grand Opening is Today, February 17th, 2022.

Martini’s On Broadway is located to the right side of the Broadway Theatre entrance.

They are celebrating their official Grand Opening today (Feb 17) with an All-Day Happy Hour! All martini’s, cocktails and beer are $2 off from opening to close. Reservations are recommended but seats will be available at the bar as well.

This article contains lots of information on the new Bar Restaurant and TONS of photos! Keep scrolling down!

Martini’s On Broadway Pitman NJ is OPEN! Located to the right of the famous theater.

Martini’s On Broadway is an all new, beautifully designed and constructed restaurant which will transform you back in time to when theater was a dominating form of entertainment in every American town, and major stars traveled to small towns to perform at local theaters.

As you cross the threshold of Martini’s On Broadway, you’ll feel you’ve been transported via a time portal from 2022 back to the 1940s. This restaurant would feel right at home along Disney World’s Main Street! But Martini’s On Broadway was locally designed and constructed… and is right here in Pitman NJ!

Mark from 42Freeway stopped in last weekend and caught up with General Manager Mac… who took us inside to check everything out. Scroll down for photos!

While this absolutely is the full public Grand Opening, they had a dry run last weekend with the Joe Conklin sold-out comedy show… where they allowed ticket holders to stop in for a drink and more.

And to be very clear… Martini’s On Broadway is a full public establishment. While they are happy to have the direct customer connection to the theatre, you can pop in at any time during their operating hours for a drink or a meal.

Martini’s On Broadway Pitman

Closed Mon-Wed, Hours are currently set at

  • Thurs: 4:00 – 10:00pm
  • Friday/Saturday: 4:00 – 11:00pm
  • Sunday: 12 noon – 8:00pm

Keep scrolling for information and photos!

By the way… Martini’s On Broadway is Pitman’s second Full Bar Restaurant! Less than 2 years ago Merryman’s Pub opened one block over! Plus award winning Kelly Green Brewing is another block away. Add in some really cool stores and specialty eateries… Uptown Pitman is really worth the trip. Many trips!

Martini’s On Broadway at Pitman’s Broadway Theatre!

Martini’s On Broadway Experience

Mac tells us the goal of the restaurant and bar theme was take customers back to the hey-day of theatre and movies.

While the room is offers plenty of lighting, the surfaces are focused on that rich woodgrain style.

The dining and bar are in one shared room.

Tables are a mix of traditional seated tables, and high-tops. When fully setup they can seat 80 people.

But the most striking feature which will immediately grab your eye is the bar.

As you enter from the area of the front theatre entrance, you will undoubtedly look across the room to see the large bar and backbar area.

Martini’s On Broadway Pitman celebrates classic American Theater and it’s stars! (This was a week before opening when final cleanup was still taking place)

The bar runs almost the entire length of the far wall (going back) and has seating for 12-15 people.

Behind the bar is a large display area featuring dozens of bottles, for your favorite drink.

The bar and dining room has that rich dark wood and earthtone paint from classic movie bars of decades long gone… you almost expect to see Frank Sinatra sitting at the far end with a glass of Jack Daniels and a cigarette wafting smoke in the air.

And that’s exactly why Martini’s is themed this way.

Mac shared with us that in the hey-day of theater in the USA, many top acts traveled through Pitman and played at the very same theater.

The large bar at Martini’s On Broadway harkens back to the hey-day of Theatre in America

Jackie Gleason, Abbot and Costello, Shirley Temple. All performed at Pitman’s Broadway theatre.

And in keeping the memory strong, Martini’s on Broadway showcase those talented performers on the walls of the dining area.

As mentioned the dining area shares the room with the bar. High-top tables to the front, and traditional tables down the left side.

The front of the restaurant is right along the sidewalk of Broadway, so it will be nice to have the shades opened up and keep an eye on the activity of the street.

Martini’s On Broadway Bar from the Theater Era!

The menu has been posted at their Facebook page.

Primarily they are offering “tapas” small plates. Perfect to order several and share with your group.

There are also a handful of select entrees.

Small plate options include Truffle Fries, Roasted Cauliflower Tacos, Coconut Curry Mussles and more.

Entrees include Seafood Risotto and Crispy Honey Chicken and more.

Flatbreads area also represented with Shrimp Scampi, Caprese, and Goat Cheese Prosciotto.

Martin’s On Broadway Pitman NJ

As one would expect with a name like Martini’s On Broadway, they offer a full Specialty Cocktail menu, as well as several beer options. They even have a dessert drink menu… how about an Angel Food Cake drink or a Crème Brulee Martini?

But keep in mind this is not meant to be a craft beer spot…. they are targeting the cocktail drinker! But with Bonesaw, Victory and several Budweiser products on the menu, everyone will be happy with the choices!

Martini’s On Broadway Pitman NJ – Entrance to the Right of the Theatre entrance!

Martini’s On Broadway
47 South Broadway
Pitman NJ 08071


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Closed Mon-Wed, Hours are currently set at

  • Thurs: 4:00 – 10:00pm
  • Friday/Saturday: 4:00 – 11:00pm
  • Sunday: 12 noon – 8:00pm