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Malaga Diner To Reopen With New Owners and New Name.  “Jersey Diner” Coming Soon

Malaga Diner To Reopen With New Owners and New Name.  “Jersey Diner” Coming Soon
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Jersey Diner is the new name for the former Malaga Diner in Franklin Twp.  The new ownership expects Jersey Diner to reopen in a few months after some upgrades.

The new owners are from the Millville Queen Diner who will be operating in Malaga as an additional location.

They have already started the process to remodel the former Malaga diner which at this time is an effort they can only say “will take a few months” before reopening.

Jersey Diner is coming to Franklin Twp, the Malaga section. New signage is up!

The new ownership takes over after the former Malaga Diner has been closed for almost 9 months, after abruptly closing last fall (42Freeway).

News of the diner’s new ownership and planned reopening was posted at the Millville Queen Diner Facebook page on June 23rd, and then again the 25th. (Facebook)

Millville Queen Diner announces they’ve acquired the former Malaga Diner, and gave it a new name… Jersey Diner

The new owners also put an announcement banner on the front of the Franklin Twp diner building.

The team seems to be moving fast, as in my visit today I could see that they’ve already put the Jersey Diner permanent signage in place on the exterior (swapping in the word “Jersey”, in place of “Malaga”).

Some demo work seems to have already started on the interior, as a full dumpster is at the back door of the building.  Large insulated panels inside the dumpster indicate that a new walk in refrigerator/freezer may be in the works.

Interior demo work has started at the former Malaga Diner

The Millville Queen Diner owners also own the Queen Restaurant 2 in Vineland. 

Comments on social media seem to indicate the Queen Diner team knows how to run a diner, as there are many complimentary comments about the food served at the Queen restaurants, as well as the ownership and staff.

Details on the full plans for the Jersey Diner remodel are not known at this time.

The Millville Queen Diner ownership has taken over the Malaga Diner property

After my visit to the (upcoming) Jersey Diner I drove down to the Millville Queen Diner in hopes of catching up with one of the senior managers or owners… unfortunately they were not available at the time.

I’ve also sent a message on Facebook.

I’d love to hear more about what they have planned for the Jersey Diner’s interior… if they are simply touching up some aspects that may have been worn down a bit, or if this is a larger upgrade.

The Millville Queen Diner (shown here) team has taken over the Malaga Diner property

Malaga Diner – Franklin Township

The Malaga Diner closed abruptly around November 1st 2023, leaving customers and employees wondering at the time what was happening!

A November 3rd Facebook post categorized the closing as a sale to new ownership, with an expected reopening of this past April.

It seems the Millville Queen Diner was in the running to take the property over even back last fall, that being said behind-the-scenes the Malaga Diner owners were involved with some bankruptcy court proceedings and over this past winter the property did move through sheriff’s sale processes.

Jersey Diner is coming to Franklin Twp, the Malaga section. New signage is up!

I don’t know all the details of those financial challenges but I do know that the Millville Queen Diner owners were able to purchase the Malaga Diner from the bank.

With work already under way at the Jersey Diner (most particularly the signage change)… clearly the property settlement for the diner new ownership has been completed.

At this time there is no online presence for Jersey Diner (that I could find).  Ownership has stated on their Millville Queen Diner Facebook Page they would be posting updates there. Additionally the Malaga Diner Facebook page is still “Live”… so maybe they’ll be able to convert it to the Jersey Diner.

I’ll be back again when things get closer to opening

Jersey Diner Coming Soon to Rt 40 and Rt 47 in Franklin Twp.

Links and Location

Jersey Diner – Coming Soon! (Former Malaga Diner)
3433 Harding Highway
Franklin, NJ

Millville Queen Facebook