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Luna Rossa Washington Township New Barroom Addition is Open! We Stopped In For Lunch

Luna Rossa Washington Township New Barroom Addition is Open!  We Stopped In For Lunch
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The new barroom addition for Luna Rossa Biagio Lamberti Italian Restaurant in Washington Township opened several weeks ago. Mark from 42Freeway stopped in today to visit, have a bite to eat, and also grab an ice cold beer!

This bar addition is part of a large expansion of the beloved Black Horse Pike restaurant.

Last fall Luna Rossa opened up the dining room addition on the opposite end, and added this bar area addition at the main entrance side (which just recently opened).

The building features a completely new and beautiful aqua-blue exterior, and a much larger parking area in the rear.

For the most part it looks like the full construction project is complete except for some final details that you would never notice.

Luna Rossa Biagio Lamberti in Washington Township looks amazing with its new exterior, dining expansion, new barroom, and parking improvements

42Freeway has been covering the transformation of Luna Rossa since back in 2019 when we first noticed they had acquired a liquor license in town.

We then learned it was just a precursor to much bigger plans! A full expansion and remodel!

We then brought readers a preview look at the proposed building exterior, and in November 2021 Luna Rossa gave us a tour of the completed dining area expansion and exterior upgrades. But at that time the bar room was not ready, so this is the first look!

With this article I am just giving readers a look at the newer bar area. If you’d like to read and see more of the remodeled and expanded main dining areas check out my article from November 2021.

Note: The restaurant is no longer BYOB, but they have the full array of beers, wines and spirits to meet all of your “adult beverage” needs!

The New Bar at Luna Rossa – Washington Township

So today was not my first visit and beer at the new bar.

As mentioned the bar opened a few months ago, but at the time the wonderful family who operate the restaurant asked me to hold off on posting at 42Freeway while they got everything worked out in the new bar. They know the power of the site, and the readers who love to try new things as soon as I post! 🙂

I stopped in early this afternoon on a beautiful summer Friday and caught up with Bar Manager Amy.

The barroom addition at Luna Rossa Washington Township features folding glass doors for nice weather and comfortable patio seating.

The main entrance to Luna Rossa hasn’t moved but the new bar addition extends out from the side of the original building so you have a small extra walk to around front (although I was able to enter from a side door to the bar and at times the large glass doors around the bar will be open).

From that main entrance you can turn left into the main dining areas (as you always have), or turn right into the new bar area.

The barroom was quiet for my visit but it was midday Friday when most are either working or headed to the beach. But Amy tells me word of the bar has definitely gotten out, as later in the afternoon through the late evening the Luna Rossa bar area will be “hopping”!

I took a seat right at the bar and had an enjoyable hour or so eating lunch, drinking a Stella, and sharing restaurant business stories with Amy.

Relax with a cold beer, glass of wine or your favorite bourbon… Luna Rossa Washington Township

The new barroom is a large space with 20 foot ceilings. Glass folding doors fill out the walls in the front and side providing a good amount of light into the room during the day.

Probably what will catch your eye first is the u-shaped bar which sits in the middle. It is attached to the side wall where a large selection of bottles are on display.

With stools on three sides, the bar probably seats about 22 (as I count it in my photos).

The front area of the room has table seating which is mostly high-top tables but I also notice at least one traditional height table.

The front of the bar area has high-top table seating. On the right you can see the entry from the main restaurant foyer.

There is also outdoor seating available with tables lined on side of the room on the other side of the glass folding doors.

It was a warm day today so everything was shut tight to hold the cool air conditioning in, but on more springlike weather days they will be able to open up the glass folding doors.

It a beautiful interior… I think I would call it a Modern Italian style?

The décor leans to a lighter and brighter feel. The bar front wall is lined with white textured tile. The flooring and accent tiles are a light grey. The tall walls are a light beige around the perimeter.

To fill the space above, while filling the room with light below, very unique and stylish lamps hang high above.

Food and My Lunchtime Panini

For my lunch I chose a Lamberti Panini, specifically the Frizzante.

The star of the Frizzante is chicken with fresh broccoli and tomatoes, all sautéed in olive oil, white wine sauce, and topped with mozzarella. A touch of garlic carried it all together.

The chicken was cooked perfectly.. perfectly tender!

Frizzante Panini at Luna Rossa

I worry when ordering a sandwich like this that the different ingredients just wont stay in the sandwich as I bite, but this was a tasty and effortless experience. The sandwich was amazing, it held together perfectly… and I know I’ll be eating it again soon.

I jumped right into what I had for lunch without saying, I think it’s all the same menu. Whatever they serve in the main dining area is the same menu in the bar area.

So you have all the options of amazing pasta dishes, chicken and veal, seafood lovers choices, pizzas and more!

There really is something for everyone and every occasion.

Washington Township nightlife has seemed to mostly have shifted over to Egg Harbor Road, so having a new bar experience at Luna Rossa on the Black Horse Pike is nice addition to the highly traveled road.

Luna Rossa Biagio Lamberti on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township

Links and Location

Luna Rossa by Biagio Lamberti
3210 Route 42
Turnersville, NJ 08081


No longer BYOB. They have a full selection of beer, wine and spirits.


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