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Luna Rossa in Turnersville Expansion Is Underway! Adding Full Bar, More Dining Areas, More Parking!

Luna Rossa in Turnersville Expansion Is Underway!  Adding Full Bar, More Dining Areas, More Parking!
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The beloved Luna Rossa Biagio Lamberti restaurant on Route 42 in Washington Township is undergoing a major expansion, which when completed this fall will add on a full bar, more restaurant dining areas, and additional parking!   They are located next to the large Turnersville Automall complex.

After almost 30 years, Luna Rossa continues to be family owned and operated… and an important part of Washington Township history!  They are growing to position themselves to serve area residents for many more generations!

I read all of the 42Freeway comments and honestly… Luna Rossa is exactly the type of local family owned business that everyone wants to support!

They are open during construction, and BYOB for now!

Full Bar Coming.  Expansion Along The Front Side

42Freeway caught up with owner Biagio Lamberti and daughter Rose… and talked about the big plans at Luna Rossa!

Well first, back in 2019 they acquired a full liquor license!  The license was previously not in use and held as a “pocket” licensed by its former owner.  42Freeway had that news back in September 2019.

The Lambertis plan on making full use of the new liquor license, by adding a new bar area with glass slider doors which will open up to the outside!

But to be clear, for now they are still BYOB which will remain in effect until they officially start full bar service.

Biagio and Rose shared some of their plans for the property, as well as the image rendering we are sharing here.

I thanked them on behalf of the 42Freeway readers, as we have a strong following in Washington Township who are always looking for news on the latest new development.. and are always looking to see businesses raise the bar on great products and service!

So while there is a lot of activity behind the restaurant building, that is not where the core expansion will be.

The new bar area will be developed on the right side of the restaurant building.  Basically where you enter the current front entrance… that area will have a new large addition added on.  

So the image you see here at 42Freeway is from Route 42 looking toward the current entrance, and the new addition on the side.  The long building will run in line with Route 42.

So where do we park?  Isn’t that area the core parking lot?

Well that’s why you see construction taking place behind the building!

The Lamberti’s have thought this through… and before they can start building the core expansion, they are first upgrading the parking behind the building to accommodate all of their customers!

When the parking is done, we should start seeing development start on the new bar addition and more.

And yes, if that wasn’t clear… the new addition (off the current entrance wall) will offer the new bar area and other dining, and it will feature glass sliding patio doors to open the space up to the outside.

They are doing additional upgrades throughout the restaurant, and promise more private dining areas.

The Luna Rossa website adds:

…while we are updating and changing looks, we will never change our beliefs when it comes to dining: Excellent cuisine, Excellent atmosphere, Excellent service and Excellent value

As stated earlier, the Lamberti’s expect the new restaurant expansion to be completed sometime in the fall of this year.

Luna Rossa: Part of Township History For Almost 30 Years!

The restaurant traces its roots back to 1992 when Biagio Lamberti and his wife, Lucia.. purchased the restaurant, which at the time was called Buon Appetito.

They changed the name to Lamberti’s Cucina, and made many building improvements over the years!

Their website has a dozen or so photos of what the building used to look like!


In 2006 they went through a larger remodeling which gave it today’s distinctive look.  

At that time the building was expanded to include the Portofino Room, and they changed the name to Luna Rossa by Biagio Lamberti!

This restaurant is truly a Washington Township local success story…  family owned and operated, growing alongside the success of the Township… and upgrading the facility so that they are here to serve you for generations to come!

Anytime you come into the restaurant, you will always see at least two family members, if not more

Links and Location

Luna Rossa by Biagio Lamberti
3210 Route 42
Turnersville, NJ 08081


BYOB!  Check website or Facebook for hours


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The Original Building. From the Luna Rossa website