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Lucky Elephant Cafe Thai Restaurant Opens In Washington Township

Lucky Elephant Cafe Thai Restaurant Opens In Washington Township
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The Lucky Elephant Cafe Thai restaurant opened recently on Egg Harbor Rd in Washington Township (Gloucester County NJ), in the same shopping center as Liscio’s (across from ShopRite).

And yes locals will remember this location as the former home of Thai Burger Express. Lucky Elephant Cafe features an all new menu which includes bubble milk teas! I recommend the Pina Colada Smoothie!

Lucky Elephant Cafe is located at 373 Egg Harbor Road in Washington Township. They do not have the large outside signage in place yet, but they are located next to Edward Jones (and close to Philly Pretzels)

They do offer indoor dining seating but capacity is maybe only 10-12 people. I would think most of their business is expected to be take-out and delivery. DoorDash Link

Lucky Elephant Cafe Thai restaurant is open in Washington Township NJ on Egg Harbor Road (Image Lucky Elephant)

They are open Wed-Sunday 11:30am – 9:00pm.

Keep scrolling and reading for more on my mega-lunch at the new Lucky Elephant Cafe.

And follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They are so new they only have 29 followers at Facebook right now. Let’s build that up!

Lucky Elephant Cafe Thai restaurant is open in Washington Township NJ on Egg Harbor Road across from ShopRite

Lucky Elephant Cafe – Freshest Ingredients, Delicious Thai Food

I stopped in last week and caught up with chef and new owner Bo, and his wife Tee. It was a quiet mid week afternoon between lunch and dinner, so I had a chance to chat with both of them.

Both super nice people who showed me a lot of hospitality and great conversation. Typically Bo will be busy in the kitchen preparing the food, and friendly Tee will be working the front of the restaurant.

This is Bo’s first restaurant, but the young chef learned his craft from family members who have a restaurant in Philadelphia. Bo and Tee are also regular food vendors at the summertime FDR Park (South Philly) weekend food festivals where they featured their Bubble Teas and more.

Tee and Chef Bo of Lucky Elephant Cafe Thai restaurant in Washington Township NJ. A new Gloucester County restaurant serving delicious Thai food and milk tea beverages.

He knew immediately that he had a natural skill and love for creating delicious food, and was eager to taking things up to another level, opening their own restaurant… in Washington Township.

Bo and Tee are working hard to build up a following and let people know they are open, and he’s very happy to see they have repeat customers already which is a great sign that they are doing things right!

Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp at Lucky Elephant Cafe in Washington Township NJ.

During my lunch I went “all out” trying a wide variety of their dishes, from soups and appetizers to main courses! Needless to say I brought a lot back home, and it was just as delicious the next day.

The menu ranges from a variety of appetizers including their crispy and tasty Luck Wings, a really flavorful Tom Yum soup, Curry dishes and several Noodle offerings including noodles in fried rice, Pad Thai, and Drunken Noodles.

And the innovative bubble milk tea drinks!

I started off with Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp, and it was a deliciously flavorful soup with just a hint of spice. Large pieces of shrimp were perfectly cooked.

Up next were Lucky Wings. Crispy fried chicken wings served with carrots and celery. I went with ranch and the Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. Bo said they are already becoming a top favorite of the customers, many who have ordered multiple times already.

Lucky Wings with celery, carrots, ranch dressing and sweet thai chili sauce

Up next in the appetizer round were Shrimp in a Blanket, and their Crispy Rolls.. I got a mixed order of Veggie and Pork.

The Shrimp In A Blanket are jumbo shrimp wrapped in a spring roll skin and deep fried. Also served with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. Crispy outside, tender inside.

Crispy Rolls are in a different wrapping which was delicious and offered a different crunch. As you’d expect the Veggie offered mixed vegetables in the wrap, and things really get creative with the pork… ground pork, cabbage, carrot, clear noodle and scallions.

Shrimp in a Basket. Deep fried spring rolls with jumbo shrimp inside
Pork and Veggie Crispy Rolls

Good Vibes Fried Rice with Chicken was up next. It offers mixed vegetables with egg in the rice, and topped with sliced cucumber. Bo added tender pieces of chicken for me to really make into what I call.. a full meal!

Good Vibes Fried Rice with Chicken

The last dish I tried is something I’ve know about for years but never ordered. Drunken Noodles. Coincidentally my wife and I were watching a marathon of Anthony Bourdain over the holidays and in his Asian travels Anthony eats Drunken Noodles after a crazy night enjoying the Thailand nightlife… and it looked amazing.

And then comes Bo from Lucky Elephant Cafe surprising me with his version. It’s like he read my mind!

Drunken Noodles are stir fried flat (wide) noodles cooked with egg, bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, onion, beansprout, mushroom, basil and a chili garlic sauce.

Following a theme of taking it to the next level, Bo added in his tender jumbo shrimp, and it really made for a delicious meal.

Drunken Noodles with Shrimp from Lucky Elephant Cafe in Washington Township

With every course I had, I could taste the freshness and flavors.

Yes I ordered a LOT and brought a lot home!

But I didn’t try everything! It’s not a large menu but it still offers more than what I highlight above including Ka Pow Chicken, Choo Chee Salmon, Kao Pad Shrimp & Salmon, curry dishes and more.

Well I’ll put the most recent menu at the bottom. But check their Facebook page for latest

Bubble Teas and Desserts

I couldn’t go all this far without trying a bubble tea, right?

The special of the day was a Pina Colada smoothie style drink topped with mango chunks! I thought I was full from my huge lunch but amazingly I found room for the entire smoothie!

I then took home a Taro Milk Tea, ha!

The Pina Colada from Lucky Elephant Cafe in Washington Township.

Their specialty milk teas are listed as Taro, Honeydew and Green-Matcha. Plus Tee is always coming up with new ideas… like the Pina Colada.

For toppings they offer Boba/Tapioca Pearl, and a variety of “poppers”; Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit, and Strawberry.

The also offer for dessert the Lucky Elephant Banana which is a fried triangle banana topped with chocolate syrup and powered sugar. They also have Thai Pandan Coconut Jelly, which I have to try the next time I come back!

Links and Location

Lucky Elephant Cafe
373 Egg Harbor Rd
Sewell Washington Twp, NJ 08080