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Lucia’s Cafe in Pitman is Open! We Visited!

Lucia’s Cafe in Pitman is Open!  We Visited!
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Lucia’s Cafe opened recently in Pitman’s thriving Uptown Broadway district, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner… with amazing specialty items in the mix.

The menu tells us this is an Italian inspired Cafe featuring Stromboli, Panini sandwiches, Salads, Sicilian Cannoli, Italian Gelato, fresh brewed coffee and espresso… and a whole lot more!

Lucia’s Cafe Pitman in the Uptown Broadway section!

Lucia’s is a beautiful Italian style cafe with an inviting interior, and even have sidewalk seating for that classic Italian Cafe feel! It’s Pitman’s own slice of Italy!

Lucia’s Cafe takes over the building which was most recently Human Village Brewing (and before that the Bus Stop Music Cafe), and is in the same block as Mannino’s Brick Oven Pizza, Milkweed Restaurant and Merryman’s Pub.

Speaking of…. the new Lucia’s Cafe is a partnership between the families who operate the Mannino’s restaurants and the Merryman’s Pub!

Pitman already had a very good foundation of stores and restaurants in it’s Uptown district, but the most recent years have really seen some exciting new developments such as Merryman’s Pub, Milkweed table + Market, Martini’s on Broadway, Crave Cookies and Gentle Giant Vegan Cafe.

Lucia’s Cafe Pitman offering a Modern Rustic interior.

Mildly amusing story… I knew Lucia’s Cafe was coming and stopped in last week on the day that just happened to be their first day open. I genuinely had no idea and expected them to still be under construction, but being pleasantly surprised I stayed for a delicious lunch.

Now that I’ve looked more into their menu I can’t wait to stop back.

I can’t believe I was in their Cafe for 45 minutes and never ordered a Cannoli. Damn they look amazing!

Amazing Cannoli awaits you at Lucia’s Cafe Pitman

A Sicilian Cafe in Pitman New Jersey

The ownership team has done an amazing job completely remodeling the interior space.

Then elements which worked well in the space were improved, while they also made significant upgrades to other areas… befitting the property’s new life as a cafe.

There is a modern rustic style to the property with a mixture of light wood design elements, contrasting nicely with the white brick tiles at the counter.

With the large glass windows in the front and a lighter design scheme. it’s a very inviting cafe to visit for your next meal, a delicious snack… or hot cup of coffee.

Panini sandwich from Lucia’s Cafe Pitman

The room features a variety of seating options.

As you enter the door what will probably grab your attention first are the two large dining tables… created from slices of a large tree! It makes for a dramatic “Oh wow!” feeling upon entering.

Much of the perimeter of the front of the eatery has wraparound dining countertop style seating with high-top stools.

Incidentally… it’s impressive that the stools are customized with a carved cup of coffee logo!

The back area of the room offers a few booth style seating options, as well as smaller table seating.

And the small alcove in the center of the room edge of the room remains, as does the music themed artwork.

A variety of seating at Lucia’s Cafe in Pitman NJ.

Lucia’s “Italian” Cafe Menu Items

What I present here is just a sampling of their menu items!

They offer a lot more than this, including breakfast items!

Sicilian Cannoli

Looking at the Lucia’s Cafe website it’s clear that Cannoli’s are an important part of their offerings!

The beautifully designed website prominently features six different photos of Lucia’s Cafe cannoli.

I was tempted to fill this article with photos of cannoli from Lucia’s Cafe in Pitman. They taste as good as they look!

Their menu lists 14 different cannoli offerings including; Sicilian, Blueberry, Birthday Cake, Nutella… and variations in a Bombolini or Cornetto style!

This is a Bomboloni… an Italian Doughnut, stuffed with Cannoli cream. Lucia’s Cafe in Pitman NJ

Coffee, Espresso and Beverages

Lucia’s Cafe features a full “barista” coffee bar, offering a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Listed in the online menu are espressos, cappuccinos, macchiato, hot chocolate and more!

Even the “regular” beverages are offered with a higher quality mindset. My “coke” was broufht to me as Boylan Cane Sugar Cola! Real cane sugar, like soda companies used to do many decades ago!

Gourmet Stromboli

Lucia’s is so much more than a casual cannoli and coffee shop.

They continue the Italian cafe experience into amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items.

Their Gourmet Strombolis also come in over a dozen styles… which start in the very traditional Italian styles and cross over into other innovative recipes.

The Original Stromboli from Lucia’s Cafe Pitman

The Original Stromboli is made with Pepperoni, Ham, Imported Genoa Salami, Capicola & Bacio Mozzarella.

The Cremini Stromboli is Cremini Mushrooms, Roasted Garlic, Bacio Mozzarella, Imported Parmesan & Soprafina Ricotta!

And to step outside the box… how about a Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Pulled Pork Stromboli… Low & Slow Pulled Pork, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce & Bacio Mozzarella

Gourmet Panini Sandwiches

When Mark from 42Freeway visited.. he went with a Panini sandwich. It was amazing. Fresh ingredients and tons of flavor!

Varieties of panini sandwich range from True Italian, the Sicilian Panini… and even a no-meat offering with the Caprese, which is deliciously prepared with Fresh Mozzarella, Roma Tomato, Roasted Peppers, Fresh Basil, EVOO & Modena Balsamic Glaze Reduction.

A variety of Panini sandwiches are offered at Lucia’s Cafe Pitman


Salads are offered as Caesar, Goat, Hose and Grilled Chicken.

Desserts and Gelato

Well of course a cannoli makes for an amazing dessert… but Lucia’s didn’t stop there and offer a large variety cakes, pies, gelato and more!

Gelato is imported from Italy and features a variety of flavors, currently offering; Madagascar Vanilla, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Fresh Strawberry, Oreo Cookies, Cara Cara Orange, Belgium Chocolate and two Dairy Free options; Sicilian Lemon and Honey Mango.

They also offer a Sicilian Brioche… which is an Italian filled doughnut with Italian Gelato!

mmmm… Imported Italian Gelato! Nine Flavors!

Cakes include Limoncello, Cheesecake, Chocolate Mountaun, Flourless Chocolate, Peanut Reeses and more.

Brownies include Peanut Butter and fudge.

Or how about an Affogato… which is an Italian Gelato with a shot of Espresso!

Links and Location

Lucia’s Cafe – NOW OPEN!
148 South Broadway
Pitman New Jersey




Hours: Check Facebook for updates

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tues-Thurs: 9am-9pm
  • Fri-Sat: 9am-10pm
  • Sun: 9am-9pm