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Louie G’s Roast Beef & Pork Expanding to Washington Twp.  Starting Franchise Model

Louie G’s Roast Beef & Pork Expanding to  Washington Twp.  Starting Franchise Model
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Louie G’s Roast Beef and Pork opened in Sewell/Mantua about four years ago, and based on their incredible popularity…  later this fall they will open a second location, with the latest coming to Washington Township.

Fresh in-house roasted beef and pork sandwiches, high quality fresh ingredients for hoagies, packed shaved ribeye cheesesteaks…. all with a unique twist… built on an Atlantic City baked roll which are known for a crispier outer crunch, and a very soft center. Amazing sandwiches.

Louie G’s Roast Beef and Pork is coming to Washington Township, NJ

The location for the next Louie G’s Roast Beef & Pork is a small shopping center on Hurffville-Cross Keys Road directly across from Jefferson Hospital in Washington Township.  The unit they are taking over was previously home to Pronto Pizza. 

They are fully signed on for the location, but plans to do some upgrades to the space which will have them opening likely sometime in the fall.

“What’s the signature Louie G’s sandwich?”. Roast Beef, Cooper Sharp, Fried Onions, Longhots… smothered in gravy.

And with things going so well at the cozy Mantua sandwich shop, they are also starting a franchise model to support a location expansion.  Lou says they are already gaining considerable interest!

To help navigate the process of bringing a new franchise restaurant to market, Lou has partnered with the same franchise development group who is also assisting Santucci’s Pizza, John’s Water Ice, Gouldbergs and more.

Hoagies, Pork, Cheesesteaks and More… Louie G’s (Louie G’s Instagram)

Louie G’s Roast Beef and Pork

Today I stopped in at the Mantua location of Louie G’s (190 Center Street, Sewell) for lunch, grabbed a delicious roast beef sandwich and caught up with the Family. There multiple generations of “Lou” in the family, and while that is the name on the sign, this seems like a full family effort as Lou (Dad), son Lou and Daughter Gianna were working in the sandwich shop when I stopped in.

Louie G’s Roast Beef & Pork is coming to Washington Twp, in the former Pronto Pizza location.

And let me stop here and say…  if you haven’t tried Louie G’s Roast Beef, you really do need to make the trip.  It’s a hearty and delicious sandwich loaded with super tender fresh roast beef.

I actually went with the recommendation of Gianna who was taking orders at the register. She recommended Cooper Sharp Cheese, fried onions, and longhot peppers.

The big bonus tasty surprise for me was the gravy, which everything is smothered in.   Tasty and a little bit tangy it really worked well with the Cooper sharp cheese to tie all of the flavors together.

It’s a big sandwich… but I crushed it!

The menu also features a variety of hoagies (of course they offer a Louie G’s Roast Beef hoagie).

Hot sandwiches include their famous hot roast beef, famous hot roast pork, meatball parmesan, chicken cutlets, and a variety of cheese steaks (beef and chicken of course).

Lou says the current small sandwich shop in Mantua is selling 1000-2000 of their large sandwiches each week!  This is an amazing number for any sandwich shop, let alone one of just 900sf or so.

At Louie G’s…Rolls are delivered fresh from Rando Bakery, Atlantic City

Which is leading them to not only open the Washington Township location… but as mentioned they will also be franchising locations. 

Lou shared with me that he has been looking for locations throughout the counties of Camden and Gloucester… and is very excited that his next Louie G’s will be in Washington Township

He talked about the location being perfect for a second sandwich shop as it is so close to the hospital, numerous residential developments and offers quick access from other area towns such as Monroe Township and Glassboro.

Louie G’s Sewell/Mantua

While the Washington Township store will be owned and operated by Lou and the family, it plays a part in the Louie G’s franchise plans as the larger store will give them the space to also train upcoming franchise operators.

In chatting with today I learned that since the Washington Township kitchen is so much larger than what Mantua has, they’ll likely utilize the “Township” kitchen to take over some of the prep cooking efforts such as roasting the beef and pork… freeing up some space in the much smaller Mantua kitchen.

We likely won’t see any activity at the upcoming Washington Township location for a few months, but as mentioned the family hopes to open in the Fall, and definitely expects to be open before end-of-year.

Louie G’s Sewell/Mantua

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Louie G’s Roast Beef & Pork
190 Center Street
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