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Little Pond Village Mixed-Use Development Proposed for Chews Landing Rd Golf Center Property

Little Pond Village Mixed-Use Development Proposed for Chews Landing Rd Golf Center Property
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Little Pond Village mixed-use development is proposed for Chews Landing Road, Gloucester Township on a property which operates as a Golf Center (featuring miniature golf and a driving range).

The Little Pond Golf Center on Chews Landing Rd. could become the Little Pond Village townhome and commercial development, If plans are approved by Gloucester Township planning this month and the developer moves forward.

The small commercial development that is currently in front of the driving range (on the right) which is home to a pizza shop and liquor store, WILL REMAIN.

The front of the property to the left, and along Chews Landing Rd, would see a single 20,000 square foot commercial building constructed, with front parking.

Behind the two commercial properties (new on the left, existing on the right) would be 81 townhomes.

Little Pond Village is proposed for Gloucester Township’s Chew Landing Road, on a site that currently used as a Golf Center (Driving Range). 81 Townhomes and a 20,000 sq ft Commercial Building.

For the project to move forward the existing Golf Center building, miniature golf and driving range would all be removed.

The bulk of the property is directly next to the Chews Landing ShopRite shopping center, but as mentioned the existing commercial buildings with the liquor store and pizza shop will remain.

(As a side note, the former Edlen’s Meats unit was approved to be split into two separate units)

There would be one access road from Chews Landing Road which would lead to the commercial parking area and the townhomes.

Interestingly, the golf center property extends all the way back to Kelly Driver Road but the site plan does not show a road exiting out to Kelly Drive. It also appears that the new access road from Chews Landing into the townhome section would not connect with the existing commercial development (and ShopRite).

This project has actually been moving in and out of Gloucester Township Board Meetings for a few years now, and on Valentine’s Day February 14th they will be presenting to the Planning Board… looking for a final approval for the project.

The Little Pond Golf Center in Gloucester Township, NJ could become home to 81 Townhomes and a 20,000 sq ft Commercial Building.

Little Pond Village – 2017

A 2017 press release at the developer’s CBD Real Estate investment website first announced their plans for the project… but it goes on to say that even before their purchase in 2017, someone else had plans to build apartments on this site.

To be clear though, the plan that is being presented to the Planning Board this month is for 81 townhomes as well as the commercial building at the front of the property.

(Note: there is no knowledge of any “signed” commercial tenants).

A sample townhome layout that was included in the Planning Board documents, for Little Pond Village – Gloucester Township, NJ

The new development would have one access road in from Chews landing. It will lead past that building to the back of the property where the driving range stands today.

15 segments of townhome buildings will be developed consisting of four to six units per building.

Most of the units will be 6 per building but some have 4 or 5 units.

The structural style of the townhomes would be similar to what we’ve seen in other South Jeresey projects, with taller units of three floors and connected at the sidewalls.

The entrance and garage would be located on the ground floor, the main floor above would consist of a living room, kitchen and dining room area, and then the top floor would feature three bedrooms.

One difference in this plan is that on the ground level behind the one car garage area, they are indicating a finished basement space.

This commercial property which currently is home to a pizza shop and liquor store is NOT affected by the townhome project.. ShopRite can be seen in the distance.

The planning board notice lists 4 requested variances, as well as approvals for any other items that may come up.

Requested Variances:

  • (Planted Buffer Width) 25-foot buffer required; 9-foot buffer proposed;
  • (Landscaping)- No landscaping is proposed in front of the commercial building.
  • (Service Drive) Two-way drives required; one-way drive proposed behind the commercial building; and
  • (Maximum Fence Height) 6 foot high permitted; 12 foot high proposed.

As mentioned this project is scheduled for planning board review on Tuesday February 14th, 2023 at 7:00 pm

Links and Location

Little Pond Village – (Proposed)
1110 Chews Landing Rd
Clementon, NJ 08021

Planning Board Meeting
February 14, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.
Gloucester Township Municipal Building, Council Room
1261 Chews Landing Road
Laurel Springs, New Jersey 08021