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LIDL Blackwood Construction Contract Awarded. Possible Late Summer Dev Start

LIDL Blackwood Construction Contract Awarded.  Possible Late Summer Dev Start
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The LIDL grocery store previously approved for the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township could see core development start later this summer, based on reliable industry sources.

A contract for the development of the building was just awarded.

The location for the new LIDL is on the Black Horse Pike at the corner of Lakeland Road.

42Freeway recently reported that back in December 2021 LIDL had taken possession of the property for $2.95 million.

We were aware that LIDL then quickly moved into the next phase of the Blackwood project, which was requesting bids for the construction of the building… but we chose not to post on that aspect.

LIDL is a German based discount grocery chain, with a model similar to Aldi. LIDL stores include an onsite bakery. They have been building a presence in the USA and the Delaware Valley for several years and today there are over 160 stores in the US.

This Blackwood store was approved as a 31,000 sq ft brand new building, with all new parking and lighting.

Location of the proposed LIDL Blackwood Location. We expect construction to start this Summer (2022)

Construction Firm With LIDL Experience

The firm winning the construction contract is A&E Construction, who are based out of Upper Darby PA and have a South Jersey office close by in Lindenwold.

42Freeway reached out to A&E Construction management, but they are unable to comment at this time.

Our research shows A&E Construction has a lot of familiarity with LIDL projects, having developed the first New Jersey store in Vineland. They have also worked with LIDL on other locations across the Delaware Valley.

As mentioned we’ve learned that they are targeting the start of construction in July or August of this summer.

Additionally while this is a small thing.. at the property site survey markers recently appeared.. indicating the building perimeter and folks are already looking at the site ahead of the development start.

It’s the little things that count! Recently survey markers appeared at the LIDL Blackwood property. Maybe related to the signing of the contract?!

Site Prep and Wait

We had also reported back in August of 2021 that site prep work had started.

That initial phase of the project brought in significant amounts of new soil to raise and level the grade underneath the area where the new LIDL store will be developed.

It’s possible that the subsequent delay was necessary to give the newly placed soil time to compact down… but also LIDL has a lot of new store construction “in-play” and with ongoing staffings issue for all companies. it’s quite possible this is just the pace that LIDL can move forward.

The LIDL Blackwood property taken from the far deep corner facing the Black Horse Pike intersection far in the distance. The property is bigger than it seems!

There are no signs that plumbing and sewage lines had been installed, and aspects of the foundation dirt will be dug up for that piping install… so maybe that lends more credibility to my “they wanted the dirt down fast so it could compact down”

It’s also important to note that larger commercial projects are bidded out to multiple contractors handling different phases, and it’s quite common that site prep work is done by one developer, while another develops the actual building.

Wawa seems to follow this type of split contractor set-up.

More LIDL Stores to Come!

We’ve learned that the slowdown in development and opening of new stores in South Jersey (and the US), was tied to supply chain and staffing issues coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has been reported in multiple news outlets and was announced in official press releases related to other store openings.

In extreme example, in Bear Delaware a LIDL store was fully completed last fall, and now approximately 9 months later it still has not opened! A recent story at Delaware Business Now goes on to say that as of June 1st they couldn’t even find job openings for the Bear store!

The Cherry Hill LIDL location shown here is a free standing property opened a few years ago, and we expect the Blackwood location to be of similar style.

In our area stores have opened in Glassboro, Cherry Hill, Vineland, Egg Harbor, Burlington and Cinnaminson.

In the works for our area are stores in Williamstown, Somerdale and Voorhees.

A store for Mount Ephraim at the Sacred Heart Church property has been discussed by town leaders. The town has purchased the property ahead of a LIDL deal, but I don’t believe it has gone to the Planning Board.

Both the Voorhees and Somerdale stores have faced legal action. We will have more on them soon

In Mantua New Jersey, LIDL years ago spent millions on a property only to seemingly abandon it and put up for sale again. We are researching it’s status.

Different local and legal factors can impact any new building project. As an example the Cinnaminson store was was just proposed less than 2 years ago and they opened this past March, when other stores are taking longer.

The intersection of Black Horse Pike and Lakeland Road. The Sam’s Bar shopping center is on the far corner.

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