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Krish’s Indian Bistro Opens Today in Washington Township

Krish’s Indian Bistro Opens Today in Washington Township
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Krish’s Indian Bistro will today celebrate their Grand Opening of a new, dedicated restaurant on Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd in Washington Township.

We say “dedicated” because… well Krish’s is part of the same family that owns the Pelican Restaurant just a few miles up the road, and previously for a year or more they were offering Krish’s Indian food dishes at the Pelican during limited hours (such as lunch).

So starting today the family will operate two full restaurants in town, and after visiting the new Krish’s Indian Bistro location… it’s a beautiful and tasty addition to the community!

Considering there are very limited options for Indian food in the towns around Washington Township, we’d expect Krish’s Indian Bistro to do very well!

Grand Opening Today

We caught up with owner Roj this week who gave us a preview look at the new restaurant. So scroll down to see the interior photos and other details.

And well starting today, everyone can go in and see them, as they have the official ribbon-cutting planned for this morning.

A bright and beautiful decor awaits customers as the new Krish’s Indian Bistro in Washington Township

As mentioned, they are located directly across from the Jefferson Hospital, in the strip mall center called “Cross Keys Plaza”.

Krish’s takes over the furthest right-end storefront, which was previously empty. Directly next to them is the Thai Terrace restaurant.

This is another diverse food option for Washington Township, which really has seen the cultural menu options expand over the last few years with Japanese sushi, Jamaican, Thai, Mexican, BBQ all available.. and soon Hawaiian Poke!

Krish’s Indian Bistro in Washington Township – New dedicated restaurant location

Krish’s Indian Bistro – New Everything!

Everything about the restaurant is completely new… well as we said, it was a completely empty space before!

The center’s large glass windows really let the light in to highlight a beautifully done restaurant interior.

As one would expect, the seating is in the front portion of the property which is a large open dining area.

Just a guestimate but I would say they can seat around 50 people!

The left and right edges of the room have long bench style seats, with tables in front of them. Additional tables are in the middle of the room.

The left wall features a nice wood slat design, which really looks very nice! More than one customer is going to say “Oh I want that in our living room!”

Krish’s Indian Bistro in Washington Township offers an inviting restaurant experience, with delicious food!

The tables are setup with cloth tablecloths, and interesting metal plates! Water glasses are already in place.

The full restaurant décor really presents a lovely dining experience.

Krish’s Menu

Krish’s has their full menu available online and it seems to cover all the bases. Not that I am an Indian food expert!

But 42Freeway’s Mark has tried Krish’s delicious food… Chicken Tikka Masala, ordered last year from the Pelican Restaurant.

And it was delicious!

My family has become big fans of Indian Food actually… well we have our consistent favorites we order all the time! And we look forward to dining together at Krish’s very soon.

Krish’s Indian Bistro in Washington Township has an extensive Indian menu; Vegetarian, Chicken and Lamb!

Many automatically associate Indian food with vegetarianism… which is definitely a big part of cuisine, but yes chicken is a very large part of Indian food options, as well as fish and lamb dishes.

If you aren’t familiar with Indian cuisine… honestly Chicken Tikka Masala is a great place to start. Boneless chicken cooked in onion, green peppers & a cream sauce.

Naan is a traditional Indian flatbread which is enjoyed with meals and used to really enjoy all of the delicious sauces.

Cream sauces also seem to play a big role, with many based on sour cream, yogurt or sour cream.

This photo shows how close they are to Jefferson Hospital Washington Township! That’s the Hospital’s new parking garage. Krish’s Indian Bistro

Spices are very important also in Indian food, in particular hot spices… and the menu in BOLD suggests you request Mild, Medium or Spicy when you order!

In the vegetarian main course menu there are 13 entrees listed, and in the non-vegetarian they offer another 15 options!

Not to mention appetizers and other items.

I normally run through some of the items, but with such an extensive list of items which may be new to many… give the menu a read-through!

A lunch special is offered… called a “Tiffin Box”. You can choose 2 of the entrée dishes (smaller portion of course), and it also includes Naan, rice and a salad. All for one reasonable lunch special price!

A buffet offering is planned for the restaurant, but it is not operational as of yet.

Beautiful place settings at Krish’s Indian Bistro in Washington Township

Links and Location

Krish’s Indian Bistro (New dedicated location!)
Cross Keys Plaza
444 Hurffville-Cross Keys Road
Sewell, New Jersey 08080

(Note as of this posting, the address was not updated yet in all of their online sites. The address above is the correct one)

Krish’s Website

Krish’s Facebook

The Pelican
508 Hurffville-Crosskeys Rd
Sewell NJ 08080

Pelican Facebook