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KFC Sicklerville Cross Keys is OPEN!

KFC Sicklerville Cross Keys is OPEN!
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The new KFC Sicklerville fast food chicken restaurant opened yesterday on Berlin-Cross Keys Road, located in the front parking lot of the Acme Shopping Center.

The exact address is 517 Berlin-Cross Keys Rd, Sicklerville NJ (Gloucester Township) in the Gloucester Town Center shopping center.

This location is so new they haven’t update the KFC website yet!

Scroll down for more photos and details!

KFC Cross Keys Sicklerville Interior.

Photo above of the new KFC interior is compliments of the folks at Winslow Township Talk on Facebook. Almost 10,000 members there…. if you live in Winslow or close-by why not join in!

Classic KFC Style

The location is a prime one as it sits right on Cross Keys Road, adjacent to shopping center’s main entrance there. Years ago this was a location for Checkers.

But this KFC building is all new construction with their latest theming.. which actually harkens back to an older era of KFC with bright red and white stripes.

In my mind its a smart move for KFC because as you approach the property from the road you’ll instantly know what it is… it’s like free advertising.

Unlike the popular “Modern Rustic” style that many chains are using, where you can’t figure out what the restaurant is until you can find and read the sign. “Is that a McDonalds? No I think its Taco Bell? What is that?” Well with this KFC you’ll just know from hundreds of feet away!

The new KFC also features a dual drive-thru configuration which has become very popular the last few years and drive-thru pickups and delivery services have become much more popular.

The exterior photos we provide here are from about 2 weeks ago before the exterior was 100% completed.

We first wrote about the plans for this back in September 2020 when the developers appeared before the Gloucester Township Planning Board.

While we haven’t been inside the new KFC to 100% confirm their newer menu items at this location, some quick research shows they’ve somewhat recently offered a new chicken sandwich including a Scorcher variety which brings the “Scoville” heat level up to 13,500!

I’ve had the new chicken sandwich at other locations but I may have to stop over this weekend and try out the Scorcher!

KFC also recently release a Beyond Fried Chicken which is a plant based nugget.

And of course they still have their world famous special seasoning fried chicken… which is still my favorite!

Berlin-Cross Keys Road or is it… Chicken Road!

As you all know Berlin-Cross Keys Road has turned into a thriving commercial district with numerous businesses and restaurants.

In the chicken category, in the immediate area of the new KFC is Texas Fried Chicken and Chick-fil-A. Further down and close to the AC Expressway a PDQ Chicken Restaurant has been open for several years, and close to Creanie’s Ice Cream, a Popeye’s has been proposed.

Royal Farms operates two convenance stores along Berlin-Cross Keys Road (Winslow and Berlin), and their signature dish is Fried Chicken.

Also close by is a dual Taco Bell / KFC in Williamstown on the Black Horse Pike which was approved to be demolished and rebuilt as a Taco Bell only. That location is operated by the same organization and they tell 42Freeway that once KFC Sicklerville is fully operational they will start the Williamstown project

The KFC is owned and operated by a large franchise organization called Summerwood. They also operate the Taco Bell in that same shopping center. Online mentions of Summerwood state they have over 3,000 employees across all of their properties!

KFC Sicklerville Double Lane Drive Thru. This image was taken 2 weeks before opening. It’s since all been completed

KFC For Christmas Eve? Well In Japan it is!

Fun fact: Did you know KFC in Japan has a cult following, and it is the defacto dinner item on Christmas Eve in Japan! It’s an interesting and fun pop-culture story for the brand.. with KFC Christmas even starting back in the 70s. You can read more about that here.

In the 1970s, KFC came to Japan and, in 1974, launched the first KFC Christmas campaign, selling a bucket of KFC’s famous fried chicken along with a bottle of wine and suggesting it be used for a Christmas party that wasn’t just for kids, but for grownups too

…with December 24 being the busiest day of the year – ten times busier than KFC Japan’s annual average

Global KFC website

The 42Freeway household may have to make this a new tradition in 2022. But… we’ll have to stop somewhere else for our holiday bottle of wine!

Links and Location

KFC Sicklerville
517 Berlin-Cross Keys Rd
Sicklerville NJ

Acme Shopping Center

Facebook: We couldnt locate a location page yet!