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Jiffy Lube Under Construction In Magnolia, Behind Royal Farms. Car Wash Also Approved

Jiffy Lube Under Construction In Magnolia, Behind Royal Farms.  Car Wash Also Approved
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Construction crews are on site behind the Magnolia Royal Farms at the White Horse Pike and Evesham roads, building the lower basement foundation for a new Jiffy Lube location.

The new Jiffy Lube will sit at the very back of the property, and the property also has approval for a Royal Farms express car wash, which we assume would sit between the Royal Farms and Jiffy Lube.

According to South Jersey Observer, the Jiffy Lube project went through the Land Use Board in September 2020.

According to SJO (and the public notice), the Jiffy Lube building will be 3,064 square feet and will include 4 service bays, taking approximately 1 acre of the larger 4 acre property which was previously St Gregory’s Church.

Jiffy Lube develops their locations as franchises, and it appears the Magnolia store will operate fully separate from the Royal Farms.

Jiffy Lube is a widely know brand which from our perspective created the the quick oil chain business. Their website says they have over 2,000 locations offering services from oil changes, tire rotations, wiper blade replacements and more.

Their signature store configuration is to have a lower open basement area under the cars so technicians can easily access the oil drain plug and filter. This means cars can drive right in and not have to be set up on a lift… which further puts the “jiffy service” in Jiffy Lube. Based on our observations at the Magnolia site, it looks like they are sticking with that model

The church property that is being fully developed, was a significant set of buildings with a stone church, parish school and rectory. All were razed ahead do the development of the Royal Farms convenience store at the front corner of the property.

The Royal Farms store opened in four years ago and was the very first Royal Farms to open in our area!

42Freeway covered the opening (and development) and in our post back then we linked to our Facebook live walkthrough video.

Royal Farms developed several area stores in their first three years but have slowed up development a bit recently in our immediate area. A representative from Royal Farms has told me as recently as a few months ago, that they still have plans for a new store right up the road in Stratford NJ, across from the Patco Speedline.

Royal Farms Magnolia NJ was the first to open in South Jersey, back in Nov 2017

Royal Farms Express Car Wash

An express car wash was also approved for the former church property, just five months ago in May 2021.

Those plans call for a 1,248 square foot building. Based on the size, and labeled as “express” we imagine it will be one of the smaller style car washes seen at other gas stations (like Sunoco).

It appears the car wash will be operated as a part of the Royal Farms convenience store.

We do not have a timeline of when the car wash will be developed, but we can only assume they want to at least wait until the Jiffy Lube project is completed.

From the Royal Farms Twitter, this is what one of their car washes looks like. While not a guarantee that the Magnolia location will look the same. We guess it will be similar.