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Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Dinner Bell opened in Glendora

Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Dinner Bell opened in Glendora
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Dinner Bell, a new Indian Restaurant, has opened this spring in the Glendora section of Gloucester Township.  The new restaurant is located on the Black Horse Pike, directly behind a Dunkin Donuts(Between the Glendora Fire Department and the start of Chews Landing Road),

The menu states they are featuring only vegetarian offerings, and the early reviews on their Facebook page are very positive.

From their web site “We offer fine dining experience, that includes comfortable welcoming atmosphere in which you can enjoy our distinctly flavored Indian dishes made from the freshly chosen ingredients to tingle your taste buds.  Our menu consists of various Indian dishes that truly reflect the culinary heritage of Indian spices and can be customized to your liking. “

A very common comment on the 42Freeway Facebook page for other store openings is the lack of variety in new restaurants “ugh, another pizza shop”… well the Dinner Bell definitely offers variety beyond our area’s traditional meal choices.  Considering the large Indian community in the area, its surprising there aren’t more Indian options.  But of course this isn’t just for those of Indian decent.  I remember when the Taco Bell first opened in Brooklawn decades ago, and people would say “this isn’t California, this isn’t Mexico.” and today, Mexican food is a favorite of almost everyone…  so give the Dinner Bell’s Indian dishes a try…  who knows in a few years Indian food could be as common in our area as Mexican, Italian, and Chinese food places!

We also reported on Washington Township possibly getting a Mexican restaurant on Egg Harbor Road.

Dinner Bell Facebook page

Dinner Bell Indian Restaurant
330 Black Horse Pike – Suite A
Glendora NJ, 08029
(856) 861-0067