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Honda Auto Dealership Proposed For Deptford’s Clements Bridge Road

Honda Auto Dealership Proposed For Deptford’s Clements Bridge Road
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A new Honda auto dealership is being proposed for Deptford NJ’s Clements Bridge Road, to be developed on an 11-acre undeveloped lot.

The property is part of a much larger area of undeveloped space totaling over 60 acres.

If approved, the Honda Auto Dealership is expected to rise directly across from the existing DHY Motorsports Dealership. It appears that the two businesses are not affiliated. 

The plans call for the new auto dealership features the development of a new 57,224 square foot building which will include a showroom, parts department, service garages and a car wash… as well as other related aspects including parking.

I stopped in at the Deptford Township Zoning Office on Wednesday to take a look at the proposed plans for the Honda Auto Dealership, and they clearly call out the brand as being Scott Honda.

At the Scott Auto Group they currently list 4 new car dealerships including Honda Dealerships in West Chester PA and Vineland, NJ. The Vineland location was purchased somewhat recently, and was previously Ross Honda.

The Deptford project is scheduled to be reviewed by the Deptford Zoning Board on Tuesday July 9th at 6pm.

The lot for the proposed project currently totals 23 acres, and is on the western end of the larger undeveloped area… behind and around the existing chiropractor office.

As part of the proposal the 23 acre lot will be split into two, with the auto dealership taking 11 acres.   The remaining 12 acres or so from that lot on the far western edge, will remain as undeveloped land for now but is identified as being allocated for future development.

Even with the split into a smaller lot, the auto dealership will only be using the front half of the new lot along Clements bridge Road as a portion of it has protected wetlands… focusing the development and parking areas on the front of what is likely around 5 acres.

Many will identify this area as being where the Deptford  Movies project was proposed many years ago.  Online documents at the Deptford Planning Board website shows the plans go back to at least 2010.

In fact the larger 23-acre lot that will be split, is still owned by the movie theater developer.

I know people will ask… from what I understand there are still thoughts of developing the theater (likely in that “Future Development” space), although I have not been able to get a direct update from the movie theater project ownership.

Honda Auto Dealership – Deptford

This is a Zoning Board review because of the need to split the property, as well as a request for a use-variance as a car dealership is not a permitted use within the Deptford BC-4 zone.

The public notice calls out that the property has been subject to several prior land use applications involving mixed-use commercial development at the property.

The Township had previously granted approval to create new lots as well as new interior roadway along with a new signalized intersection at the Clements Bridge Road and Caulfield Ave intersections.

Likely, the developer and their experts will state that the land has already been approved for commercial uses, and the proposed auto dealership is a comparable use (and possibly an even lower impact on traffic, compared to previously approved uses).

Depiction from 2019 of the proposed Deptford Movies project layout. For 2024 these plans have changed as a Honda Auto Dealership is interested in this property.

I did review the plans but I do not have images of them, as I have been told previously it is against Deptford’s policies to take photos of the plans while onsite.

The plans do clearly show that an interior access road would be developed going into the property, just to the left of the existing chiropractor office (while facing the office on Clements Bridge).

This would align the roadway with Caulfield Avenue on the other side of Clements Bridge, and in fact this new road would become a Deptford Township road and would also carry the name Caulfield Ave.

As mentioned in the Public Notice, the access road was previously approved for an earlier (not developed) project.

A traffic signal would be added to this intersection. With possible future developments still to come for the remaining undeveloped areas, this new interior roadway would likely also serve as the main entrance for those not yet proposed plans.

As one would expect with a car dealership, they will have new cars parked outside of the dealership and for the new auto dealership, a portion of the land will be positioned along Clements Bridge Road, as well as some along the road frontage of this new Caulfield Avenue extension.

Space is allocated for employee parking in the back of the property.

Links and Locations

Honda Auto Dealership – Deptford (Proposed)
Clements Bridge Road
Deptford NJ

Zoning Meeting
July 9, 2024, 6:00PM
Township of Deptford Municipal Building
1011 Cooper Street
Deptford, New Jersey 08096