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High Grounds Coffee Roasters Coming To Glassboro! Developed By Team at Death of the Fox

High Grounds Coffee Roasters Coming To Glassboro!  Developed By Team at Death of the Fox
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High Grounds Coffee Roasters is coming to Glassboro’s High Street, in the area of Rowan Boulevard/ Glassboro Town Square!

It will be a coffee shop and a whole lot more!

The new coffee shop will be fresh roasting all of their beans within the store and brewing the freshest coffee, espressos and more.

High Grounds will also be offering delicious sandwiches, paninis and other food items (featuring Liscio’s bakery), as well as a variety of non-alcoholic craft drinks.

The High Grounds Coffee Roaster location is being developed by a familiar name in South Jersey… the folks at Death of the Fox Brewery (Clarksboro). The brewery has made a name for themselves with their fresh roasted coffee, as much as their delicious craft brews… so a focused coffee shop concept is a brilliant expansion for the business.

High Grounds Coffee Roasters is coming to Glassboro NJ! The coffee and sandwich shop is being developed by the folks at Death of the Fox Brewery.

The Death of the Fox Facebook page made the announcement this week of the plans for High Grounds Coffee Roasters coming to Glassboro, and early yesterday I stopped in to catch up with one of the owners, Chuck Garrity, to talk about his plans for the new Glassboro coffee house location.

To be clear the new Glassboro High Grounds Coffee Roasters location will NOT be serving alcohol beer.  But of course over in Clarksboro, Death of the Fox will continue featuring delicious craft beers as well as their fresh roasted and brewed coffees.

This is my favorite kind of article… local people seeing great success owning local businesses, and expanding!

How local?  Well after chatting with Chuck for about an hour I asked where he was originally from… Runnemede!  We quickly realized we are both Triton High Graduates (different years) and even have two sets of friends in common!

Above image is Death of the Fox Brewery and Coffee shop in Clarksboro. This early morning visit shows people hanging out and chatting… enjoying the delicious coffee… which will soon be available at High Grounds in Glassboro!

High Grounds Coffee Roasters – Glassboro

The location for the new High Grounds Coffee Roasters shop is at the corner of High Street and Poplar.

The prime corner spot is in a newer building which most recently was home to an insurance company, who have relocated.

The new store is directly across the street from the Rowan Boulevard commercial and residential complex, with the large plaza area known as Glassboro Town Square directly across the street.

For a very direct location reference, if you stood in front of Axe and Arrow Brewery at Rowan, you could throw a football to someone standing in front of the upcoming High Grounds location!

Chuck has planned a beautiful large rustic industrial style coffeehouse, which will take about five months to develop.  They are targeting an August opening, ahead of the start of the new University school year.

The coffee house will feature an expanded coffee roastery, over 2,000 square feet of table and bar seating with huge windows surrounding the space to let the sun shine in, as well as provide excellent views into the Glassboro Town Square plaza across the street.

Sidewalk seating is also planned for the coffee shop and eatery.

The expected floor plan for High Grounds Glassboro shows a large space with plenty of seating and an old-school coffee shop counter.

The interior floor plan shows a space which harkens back to old-time coffee shops. Plenty of tables will be available in a variety of seating configurations.

And the front counter will offer an L-shaped counter seating area giving it an old-time diner/coffee shop feel.

High Grounds Coffee Roaster – Coffee and MORE!

Freshly roasted and brewed coffee is the star of the show, but Chuck and the team are looking to make it much more than that.

But first the coffee…

To get the freshest beans, Chuck tells me they source directly from the suppliers in New York!

Meaning, they are getting their beans directly from the shipyard where the coffee beans are first being delivered to America… meaning it’s literally the freshest way that coffee beans could be purchased and provided to customers.

For the upcoming High Grounds Glassboro location, they will also be roasting beans in the store, but upgrading to a 25 pound roaster!

This is a 10 pound coffee roaster in Clarksboro, but over in the upcoming High Grounds in Glassboro they will have a 25 pounder!

Looking at the Clarksboro Coffee menu I see they offer a huge variety of coffees… classic drip coffee, cold brews, and a full espresso bar making Americanos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas.

Specialty drinks and flavors include lattes with the flavors of Blueberry Muffins, Cinnamon Buns, Reese’s Peanut Butter and more! Very creative.

They round out the coffee menu with a variety of creative tea offerings.

Chuck is the founder of Death of the Fox, and will be opening a coffee shop concept at in Glassboro called High Grounds.

As mentioned Chuck is looking to make this much more than a coffee shop.

High Grounds will also feature food items made in the café, including breakfast and lunch sandwiches, paninis, hot soups and tons of bakery items from Glassboro’s Liscio’s bakery.

And in a really innovative idea…  High Grounds will also offer a variety of craft non-alcoholic options including kombucha tea, mocktails, non-alcoholic craft beer from Death of the Fox, hop water and even creative fruit blends.

Look for their Glassboro opening in August, and stop in at Death of the Fox Brewery in Clarksboro to try their coffee today! (and awesome beers too!)

Links and Location

High Ground Coffee Roasters (Opening August 2023)
100 West High Street 
Glassboro  NJ 08028

Death of the Fox Brewery
119 Berkely Road – Suite B
Clarksboro NJ

DOTF Facebook

DOTF Website