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Hibbett Sports Store coming to Turnersville

Hibbett Sports Store coming to Turnersville
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Hibbet Sports is a sports and apparel retailer (featuring sneakers), and they are moving into Crosskeys Commons, which most know as the Turnersville Walmart Shopping center.  This new store will be located on the other side from Walmart, just a few doors down from the soon to open Ulta Beauty store.   So they will be between the Ross store and the end of the shopping center.  Online mentions indicated an October 7th, 2017 opening.

With over 1000 stores I think you would say they are a large chain, but they are mostly unknown in our area as the two closest stores are in Browns Mills and Bridgeport NJ.

Solely based on photos I’ve looked at on the internet, they seem similar to the Modell’s store in the Deptford Mall, where sneakers and sports apparel take up the most significant amount of floor space, and a smaller area is allocated to select sports equipment.  The property management company website lists the store size as 4,920 square feet.

This is a rare time I mention job opportunities, but widely posted job advertisements indicate they are targeting an October 7th opening date.  For more information on job opportunities, please use google.

Recent news reports show that the company’s stock is down 70% this year, and had another disappointing earnings.  They just recently launched an online store, and some publications indicate they may be at a price to consider.  (We are not an investment site and offer no opinions.  Please read the current articles at and do your own research before any financial decision)