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Heemo’s Burgers Washington Twp Opened This Fall! Woodbury Location Also

Heemo’s Burgers Washington Twp Opened This Fall!   Woodbury Location Also
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Heemo’s Burgers opened about six weeks ago in Washington Twp on the Black Horse Pike, serving delicious burgers and fries, tasty shakes and…. falafels!

A Heemo’s location also opened over the summer in Woodbury, NJ.

Both locations use 100% Halal meat, which is known for its healthier benefits featuring; no antibiotics, growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives!

I stopped in over the weekend at the Washington Twp store for lunch and caught up with owner Mike, who gave me the background on the new burger eatery. The name “Heemo’s” is named after his nephew. Awwwe. Mike really is a nice guy!

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Note: They are closed on Tuesdays. See full hours at the bottom, or their website

This delicious looking burger was my lunch on Saturday, at the new Heemo’s Burgers on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Twp!

The two locations are:

Heemo’s Washington Township: Located at 3101 Route 42 in Washington Twp in the Tuscan Village Center which is directly across from the Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership.

Heemo’s Woodbury: Located at 132 E Red Bank Ave in Woodbury, directly across from the Evergreen Square shopping center. This location was previously Fat Louie’s.

Heemo’s Washington Twp is a completely new restaurant. Large kitchen plus indoor seating.

Lunch at Heemo’s Washington Twp (Sicklerville)

The Heemo’s location in Washington Twp is all new construction! A full new buildout including a brand new open kitchen!

By the way this restaurant and area is 100% in Washington Township, but it seems the mailing addresses closer to Cross Keys Rd are listed as Sicklerville, so you may see this Heemo’s location referenced as “Sicklerville”.

Heemo’s Burgers Sicklerville/Washington Twp is located in the Tuscan Village plaza on the left side.

As mentioned they are in the Tuscan Village Center which is also home to Tuscan Pizza and Salon Scola (Who I featured a year ago)

Heemo’s Burgers is on the left side of the L-shaped shopping center, second store in from the end.

The eatery is open and bright with a large kitchen area and a section on the left with several tables for in-restaurant seating.

You can feel very confident that they are preparing your meal with the utmost care as the kitchen is in full view directly behind the front ordering counter. No secrets!

I chatted with owner Mike for a good bit… he is a really nice, genuine guy! I also got to meet his sister Fateemah, who works with him at Heemo’s. They have two locations so I am not sure how they split their time between the two locations!

The star of the show at Heemo’s are the burgers, but Mike tells me the seasoned “Heemo’s Fries” are quickly becoming a customer favorite as he gets a lot of compliments on them!

Heemo’s Burgers owner Mike and his sister now have two locations in South Jersey; Washington Two and Woodbury

Not only are Mike and his sister awesome people, they both started out on a completely different career path from the restaurant industry, having gone through school and university together and initially entering the Corporate world.

And this is where the story follows a path that I’ve heard all too often the last year or so. With a successful corporate career in place, the impacts of the pandemic had Mike rethink where he saw his future…. and he thought “what better time than now to start my own business!”. A dream burger restaurant business.

Kind of like a small-time regional blogger we know! ha!

During my lunch visit I ate a delicious classic cheeseburger deluxe, which was cooked perfectly!

Tender and juicy meat and a really soft and fresh brioche bun.

Nice touch to add the logo sear on to the bun! A smart move for social media shared photos, as everyone will know where that delicious burger or chicken sandwich came from.

Mike strongly recommended the seasoned Heemo’s Fries.. which was a good call! Perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned with their signature recipe. Not overpowering so the fry taste still comes through, and definitely delicious!

Heemo’s Fries! Washington Twp and Woodbury

Heemo’s Burgers

Heemo’s burgers are made with 100% Halal beef, which is simply beef with several healthy benefits such as no antibiotics, growth hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives.

The burgers are 1/4 pound patties and are offered as singles or doubles.

Options start with the classic cheeseburger deluxe (1/4 lb beef, melted white American, pickles, tomato, red onion, lettuce, mayo, ketchup), and work up to other specialties like:

  • RODEO BURGER: ¼lb beef smothered with Memphis Sweet BBQ sauce, onion crisps, melted pepper Jack, and pickled hot cherry peppers. Best served with our crispy caramelized beef bacon! (+4)
  • BABY BELLA BURGER: ¼lb beef topped with sautéed cremini mushrooms, melted Swiss cheese, and grilled onions. Build that beautiful ‘bello belly
  • THE BEHEEMOTH: The feast of the titans! 2 slabs of ¼lb beef, 2 layers of white American cheese, one grilled egg (choose over-easy or over-hard), lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles, mayo, ketchup
  • BAHAMA BURGER: Sizzlin’ ¼lb beef topped with a seasoned grilled pineapple slice, fresh jalapeño, mayo, lettuce. Try it with strips of caramelized beef bacon! (+4)
  • “BREAKFAST” BURGER: ¼lb beef, fried egg*, crispy caramelized beef bacon, melted white American, tomato, lightly toasted roll – delicious any time of day
Heemo’s Burger, fries and Heemo’s special sauce! (Image: Heemo’s)

Heemo’s Chicken

Their chicken is boneless, never-frozen 100% Halal chicken breast marinated in their house seasoning, hand-breaded and fried to golden, crispy perfection. All sandwiches are cradled in a soft, lightly toasted roll.

The chicken sandwich varieties start with “Just Chicken”, which adds pickles and mayo and can be grilled or crispy. You can turn things up a notch with a spicy variety too.

The Deluxe version also adds lettuce, tomato to the sandwich.

And of course Heemo’s offers a Burnin’ Buffalo chicken sandwich which is a spicy crispy chicken sandwich drizzled with buffalo sauce and pickled hot cherry peppers.

Falafal, Platters and Wraps

A deliciously unique twist in the burger space for our area, Heemo’s is offering falafel!

Recognizing they’d get a lot of “What exactly is a falafel” questions, the Washington Twp location has two chalkboards explaining what a falafel is, and how it’s prepared.

It’s a vegetarian dish made from chickpeas, fresh herbs and spices.

Falafel’s are also on the menu at Heemo’s in Washington Twp. A vegetarian chick-pea based fried nugget of deliciousness, they can be ordered as a side with dipping sauce, a platter.. or even a wrap!

They grind up the chickpeas and seasonings fresh in the store, form into a ball and fry to perfection.

There are no pre-packaged mixes!

They final product offers a crispy bronzed outside and an “herby flavorful inside”

Heemo’s offers their own signature sauce for dipping!

Falafel can be ordered as a platter with rice, or as a side to accompany your burger or chicken sandwich.

Heemo’s Washignton Twp has two creatively drawn chalkboards to describe falafels and the process to make them!

The also offer beef kabobs and can make platters with their beef or chicken… all offering Basmati rice, fresh vegetables and drizzled with Heemo’s signature sauce.

Wraps are offered in 7 different varieties using choices from falafel, chicken, kabab and more!

Heemo’s Burgers offers platters also. Washington Twp and Woodbury NJ

Sides and Shakes

Rounding out the menu are sides and shakes!

We already talked about Heemo’s Fries, but they also offer regular crispy fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks.

And don’t forget to leave room for the handspun shakes made from premium ice cream and whole milk!

Links and Locations

Heemo’s Burgers – Washington Twp/Sicklerville
3101 E Black Horse Pike
Sicklerville, NJ


Heemo’s Burgers – Woodbury
132 E Red Bank Ave
Woodbury, NJ 08096



Hours (as of Dec 2022)

  • Monday: 11:00am – 09:00pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday – Thursday: 11:00am – 09:00pm
  • Friday: 3:00pm – 09:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 11:00am – 09:00pm