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Heart of Hustle Toy and Gift Shop Opened in Deptford Mall.

Heart of Hustle Toy and Gift Shop Opened in Deptford Mall.
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Heart of Hustle is a new Toy and Gift shop which opened this month in the Deptford Mall. Owned by Vineland’s Newsome Family, Deptford is their second location with the first being in the Cumberland Mall.

Heart of Hustle fills a void in the Mall shopping experience that we all remember, of being able to pick up a small toy or gift for that little special someone in our lives… stuffed animals, toys and more!

The location in the mall is upper level on the Dick’s Sporting/Round 1 end… along the entranceway where Verizon is.

A frequent comment at our Facebook page is “Not another chain, would rather have a locally owned business!”. Well we feature a LOT of small locally owned businesses, and now is your chance to support another one! Go like Heart and Hustle’s Facebook page and shop in the store!

Heart of Hustle’s Chris and Dominque Newsome of Vineland NJ have opened their second location in the Deptford Mall

42Freeway caught up with Chris and Dominique last week to check out their new store and hear more about their story.

Chris tells us that they have a house full of young kids, and he found it disappointing that all of the focused toy stores that he remembered as a kid are now gone!

Heart of Hustle covers all the toy and fun angle, in an easy to shop in space!

We spoke about KB Toys which used to be in the Deptford Mall… where shoppers could pop in and check out the latest games and small toys.

Sure KB Toys used to sell some of the bigger things, but the focus seemed to be on smaller items and “Ok ok.. you can get that” gifts that the little ones would beat up Mom and Dad up for!

Toys for your little Princess or construction builder at Heart of Hustle Deptford Mall

So Heart of Hustle targets that toy shopping void… and does an excellent job with their product selection!

As we mentioned, they Newsome’s own another store down in the Cumberland Mall which opened a year ago in March. They’ve had time to refine their product selection to what the customers are looking for in a mall toy shopping experience.

Heart of Hustle is open in the Deptford Mall!

In our visit we saw a large selection of adorable stuffed animals, including a wide assortment from TY!

One wall section featured backpacks, purses and furry pajama costumes for younger children!

A large selection of Foozy socks were displayed along another wall, with really cool and fun designs from #1 Mom to a variety of favorite pets!

Foozy socks are a fun and colorful way to express yourself! Heart of Hustle Deptford Mall

For the little Princess in your life, there is a selection of Barbie and Disney Princess Toys!

Another section featured a variety of building toys where kids can make their own fire truck or race car!

Fun playsets are in the mix too… MOM AND DAD, PUT THE IPADS AWAY and let your kids use their imaginations running a Barber Shop. a Carpenter, Kitchen and Tea time!

Remember those days!?

Put down the iPads and get the kids playing like we used to! Heart of Hustle Deptford

Mark really enjoyed meeting and chatting with Chris and Dominque!

Both are just really down to earth people with constant big smiles on their faces! Be sure to check out their latest store in Deptford, and LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE!

Links and Locations

Heart of Hustle – Deptford
Deptford Mall: Round 1 side at the Verizon entrance way
1750 Deptford Center Road
Deptford NJ 08096

Phone: 856-315-5399



There is also a location in the Cumberland Mall.

Heart of Hustle Deptford NJ
Heart of Hustle let’s your kids really play again!
Heart Of Hustle Deptford is located on the Second Floor close to Round 1. And yes, Mark bought that Mine