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Grocery Outlet Sicklerville Fully Stocked Tour! Opens Thursday June 27. Plus Gibbstown Update

Grocery Outlet Sicklerville Fully Stocked Tour! Opens Thursday June 27. Plus Gibbstown Update
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Grocery Outlet bargain market opens their Sicklerville Cross Keys Road location tomorrow Thursday June 27th.

I’ve meet owner/operators Blake and Becky a few times now… absolutely amazing people who truly are committed to being an asset to the Sicklerville Community.

While visiting the Sicklerville location today, I also had a chance to meet the Gibbstown Grocery Outlet owners Anthony and Saalia, who were on site at Sicklerville to learn from the final preparation efforts.


For my Wednesday morning visit it seemed that 95% of the product was on the shelves, and the entire team was in the store to finish up the final details ahead of Thursday’s opening.

I’m genuinely impressed by the variety of merchandise in the store, including the large refrigerator/freezer sections, fresh dairy and meat sections, and wait till you see the large and beautiful selection of fresh produce!

On Thursday morning they open at 8:00 AM, and the first 100 customers receive a Bliss Buck gift card with a value from $5 to $500!

A free limited edition reusable bag will be given to each customer, while supplies last.

Plus the official ribbon cutting and donation ceremony will take place at 10:00 AM

And if all that wasn’t enough, Grocery Outlet has a giveaway sweepstakes running through July 25th where they’ll be giving away $1000 in free groceries!

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Sicklerville

If you are a regular reader of 42Freeway you know that I have covered Grocery Outlet a LOT in the last six months, particularly with coverage on THREE new stores coming to South Jersey (Sicklerville, Gibbstown, Deptford) and I know at least one more is planned for our area, but not announced yet.

So I’m not going to deep dive into all aspects of Grocery Outlet and their amazing support of the community (you can read that here)…. Let’s just focus on what you’ll expect in visiting the Sicklerville location.

Well, let’s just say that they are a discount grocery store who calls themselves “one of the largest opportunistic buyers”, finding and negotiating deals with manufacturers on name brand products.

This is not the low-budget-designed discount grocery store you remember as a child, where merchandise was stacked in the cartons they shipped in.

At Grocery Outlet Bargain Market it really is a true higher quality grocery shopping experience, where all of the product is unboxed and put on shelves, there are a large number of freezer refrigerator units just like you would find in your local supermarket…  filled with fresh meats, dairy and produce.

To put it simply… the shopping experience is on par with ALDI or Lidl, but typically with better priced merchandise.

When you enter the front doors of the Sicklerville Grocery Outlet, immediately to your right is the Power Wall, which features their biggest deals of the day, but they are of limited quantity.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

Following down that right side aisle takes you right into the fresh produce section…  a model that I think is similar to most other supermarkets.

I was very impressed by the variety of fresh produce and salads, and also the quantity on hand. Everything was stacked high! Although I’d imagine after the first day of being open, product will be moving out very quickly!

Along the back wall is the fresh meat and dairy sections.

The core of the store floorspace is several rows of traditional grocery store shelving, with traditional grocery store products…  but below traditional grocery store prices.

In the immediate center of the store, the refrigerator/freezer units are positioned and while I didn’t count them I would guess there are 40 total… lining both sides of the aisle!

Some areas of the store feature seasonal products, and they also carry personal products such as shampoos and deodorants.

If you want to learn more about Grocery Outlet and their commitment to great prices, as well as the community you can check out some of my prior coverage.

Grocery Outlet Gibbstown

During my visit I met Grocery Outlet regional marketing representative Ashley, who has been following along with my local coverage of Grocery Outlet’s push into South Jersey.

I had a chance to ask her about an updated status on the Gibbstown location which has been under construction for a considerable amount of time.   That project was a much more involved development effort, which required converting the former ShopRite building into three separate rentable units.

Finally to the point… Ashley tells me they hope to have the Gibbstown Grocery Outlet open in September of this year.

Gibbstown Grocery Outlet May 2024
Gibbstown Grocery Outlet May 2024

And almost on cue as if it were a Hollywood movie… the new Gibbstown owner-operators Anthony and Saalia walked through the front door of the Sicklerville store! They had just returned back from a visit of the Gibbstown location.

They are South Jersey residents currently living in Burlington County near route 130.

In my last visit to Gibbstown just a month ago they interior was still very much in the early stages of construction, but Anthony says they have moved well past that stage, and are already bringing in store interior equipment!

Anthony has a career in the retail industry having managed several stores and Saalia is a Financial Data Analyst.

Gibbstown Grocery Outlet May 2024
Gibbstown Grocery Outlet May 2024

We joked that they should do well at Grocery Outlet as Anthony clearly has the retail background to manage the front of the store, and Saalia has the financial analyst experience to manage costs, pricing and related aspects.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Grocery Outlet model, the Corporate company actually locates and builds out the stores… which can stary for a location even before they have identified someone to run the stores.

The business model is a hybrid approach, somewhat similar to Chick-fil-A, where the partners/couple who managed the store have a lot of control over what products are stocked, the pricing and their own profitability… but the parent company actually develops the location.

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