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G&M Deli Market And Their Top Selling Sandwich (That I Can’t Name in the Title!)

G&M Deli Market And Their Top Selling Sandwich (That I Can’t Name in the Title!)
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G&M Deli & Market has been a popular Glendora deli and butcher shop for decades. About a year ago they opened a second location in Washington Twp in the PJ Whelihan’s Shopping Center.

NOTE: As of March 2023 the Washington Twp location is closed. I do not know if this is permanent. The original Glendora location is still open!

Last week I stopped in to check out the “Township” location and try their new and number one selling sandwich, called the…

A South Jersey institution since 1957, the original G&M deli is located in Glendora along Evesham Rd. They are a deli sandwich shop and butcher. G&M has won many awards such as Best of South Jersey and have been featured in the Courier Post and Inquirer.

Delicious hoagies. Homemade hot sandwiches such as chicken cutlets. G&M Deli in Glendora and Washington Twp New Jersey (Images: G&M Deli)

Still within the family today, the younger generation now operates the Deli and are bringing in new ideas… including a second location in Washington Township as well as new menu ideas.

I have several specialty sandwich shop stories to catch up with over the next few weeks. More deliciousness to come but for now keep scrolling and reading about G&M Deli and their number one seller!

G&M Modern Deli and Market in Washington Twp New Jersey

G&M Modern Deli – Washington Township NJ

Opened just over a year ago, the new location for G&M deli is on Hurffville-Crosskeys Rd, at the wedge formed with Egg Harbor Rd. It’s that small shopping center next to Jefferson Hospital. PJ Whelihan’s is across the parking lot.

I’ve been in a few times but for a variety of reasons that even I don’t know, I am just now covering their opening with an article.

This time around it was their effective use of Facebook and promoting their number one sandwich that had me thinking “Damn, I never did that story… and that sandwich looks amazing!”

In my visit last week I caught up with Lisa, who is the daughter of one of the founders. I really enjoyed my time chatting with her. I even came back a second time the same day for another sandwich to share with a few friends, and we chatted some more!

She explains that for Washington Twp they call it “G&M Modern Deli” because it still carries the same G&M tradition and quality, but in a newer styled setting.

Bright, modern and inviting. G&M Deli in Washington Twp New Jersey

The new location is bright and modern, with really nice design elements.

It’s not a big place and there is no indoor seating. To-Go only at G&M Washington Twp so plan accordingly!

For the most part the space consists of the glass refrigerated deli displays, a counter and two drink coolers.

In the deli displays they offer deli lunchmeats and a selection of butchered meats such as steaks (filet, t-bone), pork chops and more. A December 1st post on Facebook shows they are running a Christmas Special on Prime Rib and Whole Filets (Facebook)

The store is simple but inviting! They want to focus on the best food and sandwiches possible!

I think it’s ok for me to say though that the sandwiches are the big draw!

In the cold sandwiches category the offer deliciously stacked hoagies. All freshly sliced deli meats and vegetables on locally baked Cacia’s rolls!

In the hot sandwich arena things get interesting, as this is where a deli really has a chance to shine. Hot sandwiches require another level of preparation and cooking compared to a cold hoagie.

G&M Deli in Glendora an Washington Twp New Jersey

For example at G&M Deli they are making their own roast beef and pork. Even the gravy!

And meatball sandwiches? Of course they have them, and absolutely it’s their own homemade G&M family recipe!

And if you call yourself and Italian Sandwich shop, you have to have freshly breaded and fried chicken cutlets!

In fact with the Holiday season here, if you are interested in roast beef, roast pork, meatballs or hoagie platters for your family or work party, give G&M Deli a call or stop in!

Perfection is Key

G&M Modern Deli – Facebook

Innovative Sandwiches and The Number 1 Seller!

The young guys are looking to keep the G&M legacy thriving… but at the same time, shake some things up a bit at the Washington Township location!

G&M Washington Twp has been coming up with some awesomely unique sandwich ideas like the “Fat Darren” which is a Meatball Parm AND Chicken Parm together in one sandwich.

The “Fat Darren” at G&M Deli which is a Meatball Parm AND Chicken Parm together in one sandwich. It’s a great sandwich but not the top seller… (Image: G&M Deli)

Their Facebook page features several other interesting sandwiches (the Rocky Balboa!).

But the one that caught my attention as I was looking at Facebook…

the one they say is their Number One Seller…

with an interesting name that I can’t write in the article title…

Is the Fungule!

(If you aren’t aware, “fungule” is an Italian curse word for “F U”. But if you are in the Washington Township area you know. You already know!)

The Fungule at G&M Deli Washington Township

The Fungule sandwich at G&M Deli Washington Township. Homemade Chicken Cutlet, Sliced Prosciutto, Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Arugula and… a Balsamic Glaze. Fresh and delicious!

Note: The Fungule is ONLY available in Washington Township!

The Fungule is a chicken cutlet based sandwich on a Cacia’s bakery roll. G&M’s “World Famous” chicken cutlets!

They add thinly sliced prosciutto. Mozzarella cheese for a milder cheese taste. And fresh arugula.

But that’s not all.

What ties it all together is a balsamic glaze across the sandwich.

The balsamic is slightly sweet… balanced with it’s own vinegar acidity.

And the chicken cutlet really does live up to the World Famous label as it was cooked perfectly. Deliciously seasoned and incredibly tender.

The big surprise for me was that I realized I historically lean a lot towards a peppery hot Italian sandwich, and the Fungule offers a different, yet still delicious flavor profile.

It’s a good sized sandwich and I moved through it quickly. Fresh soft roll, perfectly prepared chicken cutlet.

It has the texture you expect but it’s all so easy to eat.

Bonus is… the large came out to $10.66, which I think in today’s economy is a good deal. No guarantees from me on how long that price stays given the increasing cost of food and supplies.

True story, as I was walking in the person ahead of me was picking up Fungule sandwiches. As I was waiting for my sandwich the person coming in after me was ordering… Fungule sandwiches.

The Fungule sandwich at G&M Deli Washington Township. Homemade Chicken Cutlet, Sliced Prosciutto, Mozzarella Cheese, Fresh Arugula and… a Balsamic Glaze. Fresh and delicious! (Image: G&M Deli)

I even went back the same day and bought another sandwich! I had bumped into some neighbors and after telling them about it.. I went back and bought them a sandwich!

Seriously, G&M is in Washington Township with a higher concentration of Italian descendent families who take their food and especially Italian food staples very seriously. And if the Fungule is the number one selling sandwich at G&M, and I saw multiple people ordering it on a random mid-week day… well that is saying a lot!

Links and Location

G&M Modern Deli – Washington Township
421 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd, Suite 7
Washington Township, NJ, 08080


G&M Market & Deli – Glendora
126 E Evesham Rd
Glendora NJ, 08029


  • Monday 9am-5pm
  • Tuesday 9am-5pm
  • Wednesday 9am-5pm
  • Thursday 9am-5pm
  • Friday 9am-5pm
  • Saturday 9am-4pm
  • Sunday 9am-3pm