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Glassboro LIDL: Sign Is Up! Interior Work Has Started! Now Hiring! Plus Chipotle and Chase!

Glassboro LIDL: Sign Is Up!  Interior Work Has Started!  Now Hiring!  Plus Chipotle and Chase!
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Glassboro’s Collegetown Shopping Center transformation continues at full steam ahead, with significant progress on the new LIDL, Chipotle and Chase Bank!   We stopped in on Sunday November 22nd and have a photo update for readers!

This update is part of a large transformation centered around the repurposing of a closed K-Mart store… into something that quiet honestly is an impressive rebuild, especially factoring in the retail climate today.

Side note:  I am amazed that there isn’t a significant Glassboro Facebook “Chat” group.  Other towns of it’s size have groups with 5,000 or more.  So I picked this Glassboro/Pitman group to promote.  Go join if you are interested in the towns!


I think what most are interested in…  the LIDL grocery is under full construction mode!

First off, the signage is up on the store, and also on the street sign!  So that’s great and everything, but getting the exterior ready is one set of contractors.  

But the real juice is in the interior!   And YES!  The interior build out has begun!

The core interior walls for the front facing bakery… are in!

Refrigerator and Freezer Units… are in!

Shelving… is going in!

Heck they even have the graphic signage up!  Can clearly see the photos and text of the sigs!

Our last visit was less than a month ago on October 26th, and at the time the interior was an empty shell.  We must’ve visited just literally days before they started to kick into high gear!

If you aren’t familiar with LIDL, they are a grocery chain based out of Europe who are on a wave of expansion in the United States.  They are in the same category as Aldi, but have some extra “spin” to the offerings, namely an in-house bakery that everyone seems to rave about!

A Cherry Hill location opened recently, and one was approved for Blackwood NJ.  

We found several job postings for LIDL, including:

Chipotle is Mostly Framed!

Another big change in less than a month… the new Chipotle restaurant framing is up!  They are really working hard in Glassboro!

The location is in the parking lot (“Pad” site) alongside the current Salad Works building, and at one of the main shopping center entrances off of Delsea Drive.

You can see the Chipotlane pickup window…   

Chipotlane?  Well Chipotle has a new spin on the drive thru!   You can’t order from your car into a speaker… you must order online first, and the Chipotlane is simply a pick-up window!

Chase Bank

The new Chase Bank looks almost complete.   It also sits along that same main entrance into the shopping center, but on the opposite side from Chipotle.

They even installed the ATM driveup island. 

One more layer of asphalt and the bank looks ready to go!

Big Lots and Ross

And as we’ve been covering in prior posts, already added to the shopping center is a Big Lots and Ross store!   

Those two stores plus the LIDL grocery, take over the bulk of the former K-Mart store.

Both Ross and Big Lots opened at the Collegetown Shopping Center within the last few weeks.

This is really an amazing transformation for the folks at Brixmor!   Especially in a tougher retail climate!

Collegetown Shopping Center
731 Delsea Dr
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Even on the main streetside sign

Interior shot!

Chipotle framing is up!

LIDL Signage is up!

Chase Bank Looks Almost Ready