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Gibbstown Plaza: Dollar Tree Is Open, Family Dollar Closing, Grocery Outlet Update

Gibbstown Plaza: Dollar Tree Is Open, Family Dollar Closing, Grocery Outlet Update
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A brand new Dollar Tree  opened earlier today in the Gibbstown Plaza off of Route 295.  Family Dollar in the same center is closing and currently everything in the store is 30% off.  Additionally, I peeked inside the upcoming Grocery Outlet unit which shows the interior construction buildout has started.

The Gibbstown Plaza is located at Exit 17 of Route 295 (at Harmony Road).

For many years the shopping center was home to a ShopRite, but that supermarket closed last March after a new ShopRite opened in nearby Woolwich.

Gibbstown Plaza Transformation: Today (top) and last year (bottom)

After the closing, the Gibbstown Plaza owners wasted no time in deciding to completely refurbish the former supermarket space into three distinct all-new units, including new box-store style front entrances.

I announced this news in May of 2023 when I shared that Grocery Outlet was the first new tenant signed on to take a portion of the then upcoming “to be created” space.

But before any of that interior buildup could begin for Grocery Outlet, the Plaza owner had a significant remodeling project ahead of them which included the demolition of the large front entrance of the former supermarket tenant, then the large remodel and upgrade project for the three upcoming tenants.

Dollar Tree Gibbstown is Open

During this time the leasing firm continued to work on securing new tenants and in October of 2023 I reported that it appeared Dollar Tree had also signed on for the center.  In that article I also provided an update on the construction.

Residents have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Grocery Outlet. Some expected the grocery to open sooner, but simply most don’t realize that this is effectively two different construction projects.

Grocery Outlet Gibbstown Interior Buildout has started

The first effort was to convert the former supermarket into the modern and upgraded units to support three tenants.

On when that was completed, could the tenants come in with their contracting teams to build out the interior.  It is my understanding that Grocery Outlet has preferred construction teams, so their scheduling likely also factored into the timing.

Dollar Tree – Gibbstown

I stopped in at the new Dollar Tree today just a few hours after they opened the doors! 

Even though they are 100% open, the staff was still working hard to put inventory on the shelves. I’d say it’s about 85% stocked with all of the remaining product sitting in boxes in the immediate area of shelving, and multiple employees are working hard to put all of the remaining product on the shelves.

I don’t really have much to say on this opening as I have to believe everyone knows what Dollar Tree is. The new Gibbstown location’s interior is literally a carbon copy of every other Dollar Tree that you’ve walked through.  Cash registers and office to the immediate front left.  Seasonal to the right.  And aisles of product across the store.

In the back they had several refrigerator/freezer units.

Dollar Tree Gibbstown is open. Workers are finishing up on stocking some shelves.

Family Dollar Gibbstown Closing

I was surprised to see that the Family Dollar store located in the other side of the parking lot has announced they are closing.

There’s not a lot of signage to call this out so it’s easy to miss it… but right on the front door is the sign “30% Off Entire Store”.  I confirmed the sale with the woman working at the cash register.

Family Dollar in the Gibbstown Plaza is closing.

If you weren’t aware, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are owned by the same company. It would seem that it was their plan all along to replace the Family Dollar with Dollar Tree.

The company does have combo stores which feature both brands…  It’s surprising to me that did not go this route in Gibbstown.

The closing Family Dollar is a smaller store with low ceiling and darkened space, so likely they believe the more modern and bright Dollar Tree is a better match for community.

Family Dollar in the Gibbstown Plaza is closing. Entire store is 30% off.

Grocery Outlet – Gibbstown

The upcoming Grocery Outlet store is located on the right side of the shopping center, at the main entrance.

A banner has been hanging on the front of the building letting people know that the store was coming soon.

Grocery Outlet Gibbstown – Coming Soon

I’ve reached out to Grocery Outlet several times regarding several locations in South Jersey and have never gotten a response…  as readers regularly message me regarding project statuses.

So my alternative has been to visit somewhat regularly to check for any construction progress. Just a few weeks ago there was no activity taking place.

In today’s visit to the center I took a quick peek inside the front door which showed that they are 100% in construction mode but in the beginning aspects of framing out the interior walls.   While they still have a ways to go, this should move pretty quickly.

I do not have an opening date but unofficially I’ve been told by contacts familiar with the project, they were looking to be open soon after Labor Day weekend.  But don’t hold me to that!

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