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Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood is Open! Ganntown Plaza Washington Twp

Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood is Open!  Ganntown Plaza Washington Twp
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The Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood opened yesterday in Washington Township on the Black Horse Pike (Ganttown Plaza). 42Freeway stopped in today to check it out!

Funcity is a full children’s indoor… Adventure Park! Featuring a large area of trampolines, unique ballpits, climbing walls, slides, climbing gyms and more.

They seem to provide fun for kids of all ages in the specialty adventure sections, and of course… kids of any age love to jump on trampolines!

Ticket and party room details are available online. Keep reading and scrolling! Lots of commentary and PHOTOS!!

Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood is so big… this huge trampoline area isn’t even visible from the large main lobby/arcade area!

There is even a full ninja style course with one of those steep final ramps that kids can run up and celebrate at the top! Actually I think they have 2 ninja courses!

They’ve really packed a lot into the place… but it’s a large 40,000 sq feet so it doesn’t feel cramped.

As I walked around the different adventure areas, it seemed to open up to just more and more cool things for kids to do!

The climbing section at Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood features an elevated ninja course, climbing wall and the champions run to the the top!

Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood

42Freeway broke the news for readers back in March that Funcity was planning to open in Washington Township.

The location is on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township, within the Ganttown Plaza shopping center.

They are located between Harbor Freight and the DMV Motor Vehicle office. The new Funcity location also includes the space of the former Bottom Dollar Food location.

Those ninja courses on television? How about one for kids with a huge ballpit instead of water? Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood

The entrance to Funcity is actually on the left side of the property, next to the DMV office. After visiting we understand why.

The right side (former grocery store) segment has much higher ceilings than the left half of the 40,000 sq ft space. So they smartly maximized that extra tall ceiling area for trampolines and other tall play equipment and put the entrance on the left.

The standard height section on the left is the entrance, party rooms, video games, resting areas and other awesome fun play areas!

To fill out a full day of fun, arcade games are offered at Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood

Funcity Lives Up To Its Name!

So upon entering Funcity, as mentioned you immediately see the front desk, video games, seating and to the left are party rooms.

It’s very awesome.. but slightly deceiving at first. Because from the entrance area you can’t see deep into the full kid’s adventure areas which head deeper into the ride side of the space.

At the edge of the entrance seating area the adventure sections start and sort of represents the front wall to more fun behind it!

This structure seemed to be a funhouse to itself. I saw slides and steps and climbing things. I couldnt quite figure it out! Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood

Those front fun areas include giant block building, a really cool climbing slide ball pit area in the middle, and on the right a ninja style course of multiple sections includnt swing steps, ropes and ladders.

Instead of water underneath those ninja challenges, it has one of the largest ball pit areas I’ve ever seen!

So it’s at first.. “Ok this is very cool. An impressive great start”

But then you start thinking “wait… isn’t this a trampoline park? Where are the trampolines?”!

Well yest there are trampolines. A lot of them, and you can’t see them at the entrance area. That gives you an idea how big this adventure park is!

So I moved on to my own little adventure to tour the place. I’m not kidding when I say you have to move around a bit to get to all of the awesome fun areas!

I stayed to the right and walked past that big ninja warrior ball pit area, which opened up to trampolines.

Foam blocks make for a safe landing! Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood

LOTS of trampolines!

Its a large variety of trampolines in that far right section of Funcity.

They are floor based trampolines in a multitude of configurations. They even have a fenced in basketball area with trampolines!

Just one small portion of the trampoline section at Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood

The kids will know.. but I just didn’t have the background to understand all the different cool things that kids can do there.

Well just look at the photos!

Walking around to the back corner another ninja style course opens up… but one geared for some more challenging kid climbing. There are helmets in this area!

The ninja style course here is a good 6 feet in the air suspended from the ceiling!

Rings, swinging steps and more!

The climbing wall is against the back and offers four different experiences.

They have other climbing stations in this area… but again, bring the kids and let them figure out it.

And lastly for this section is the running ramp, just like on televisions. Children can go for their own ending performance celebration by running up the slide-like wall to the top!

Come on Dad…you know you want to see your little ninja run up this red ramp, get to the top and celebrate with arms held high!! Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood

hmmm looking at my photos I also see a giant foam cube put with tubes going across.. I assume for kids to walk across. Honestly I don’t even remember where that fits in.

Anyway.. you get it. It’s a really fun trampoline park and more, with innovated adventure stations, video games and party rooms!

They offer party packages and have several private party rooms.

One thing I am not clear on is if they have a snack bar on site. I thought about this after I got home and don’t see one in my photos.

Maybe check with them if visiting or booking a party

Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood is located in the Ganntown Plaza, next to the DMV.
Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood at Ganntown Plaza Washington Township

Links and Location

Funcity Adventure Park Blackwood – Now Open!
Ganntown Plaza
5200 NJ-42 N
Blackwood, NJ, 08012

Between Harbor Freight and the DMV office! Enter the shopping center at the traffic light