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Fultoo Biryani House is Open Glassboro Rowan Boulevard.  Indian Kebabs, Biryani and More!

Fultoo Biryani House is Open Glassboro Rowan Boulevard.  Indian Kebabs, Biryani and More!
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Fultoo Biryani House is open in Glassboro’s Rowan Boulevard complex of restaurants, stores and residential housing.

Fultoo Biryani House offers delicious freshly made Indian food but with a unique twist… as they focus on biryani rice bowls and kabobs.

But the menu definitely stretches out into other delicious avenues of Indian cuisine, and they also offer chicken wings, tacos, desi burgers and a variety of sandwiches and more.

You can even get a delicious milkshake to go along with your tasty Indian Vegetarian Paneer or Indian Desi style burgers.

I stopped in last week for lunch which was an economical combo of a chicken biryani with curry, an Indian dessert, and a soda for 9.99! Other Biryani lunch options are slightly more expensive like the very popular Butter Chicken or Chicken Tiki Masala, which are also served in the rice bowl style.

Within the main Rowan Boulevard “downtown” street they’ve taken over a location which was previously home to Alumni Grill (who are still open in Wildwood New Jersey).

I didn’t realize Fultoo was coming to Glassboro and they snuck up on me! I saw that a social median post that Gloucester County held a ribbon cutting ceremony for them a few weeks ago.   I stopped in last week to check the new restaurant out and enjoy a delicious biryani lunch.

By the way it’s a great time to visit the Rowan Boulevard complex as they’ve refreshed their Seward Johnson real life statue art selection!

It’s a fun visit to walk around the Glassboro Town Square and Rowan Boulevard to check out the interesting statues…  including one statue of an artist who is painting a picture of a planned expansion that is hoped to be developed behind Angelo’s Diner down to the former library property!

Seward Johnson Statue installation at Rowan Boulevard

Fultoo Biryani House – Glassboro

As mentioned the location for Fultoo Biryani House was previously home to another restaurant.

The prior design and layout was nicely done for the space so it appears that Fultoo was able to come in and add their own marketing logo graphics, and other design aspects… but from my memory it seems that much of the restaurant dining area layout is the same.

But absolutely the menu is different now!

I have to be honest while I’ve had Indian food probably 100 times over the years, I never knew what biryani was!

So in my visit to Fultoo Glassboro I knew I had to give it a try, especially when “biryani” is in the name of the restaurant!

As mentioned I went with the chicken biryani bowl which included a whole chicken piece at the bottom of the bowl, and a lot of rice! This is a big meal for the price. They offer the bowls in different heat levels and I went with “medium” which still put out a fiery hot punch!

I’m not really a review guy and I focus more on the experience but for my next visit I will go with the Chicken Tiki Masala version as I think the chunks of chicken breast would work better in the rice bowl.

Well, I also want to try their kebabs which they say are cooked in a clay oven.

In the different varieties of Indian dishes you see all of the well known flavor options, as well as many I’d never heard of before… and I really appreciate the variety!

And of course Fultoo offers several vegetarian entrees including Paneer (cottage cheese) and an Aloo Masala (potatoes).

With nice weather her and students home on summer break, it’s a perfect time to visit Rowan Boulevard for a nice stroll and check out the Seward Johnson statues… and pop into one of the many available restaurants for a delicious meal… like Fultoo Biryani House!

Links and Location

Fultoo Biryani House – Rowan
222 Rowan Blvd
Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 243-2819