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Fat Jack’s BBQ is now OPEN at Their New Turnersville Home! The Place Looks Amazing!

Fat Jack’s BBQ is now OPEN at Their New Turnersville Home!  The Place Looks Amazing!
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Seems more than a few customers didn’t get the memo that Fat Jack’s BBQ wasn’t opening until 3pm today, because when we stopped in a half hour before the grand opening time… Fat Jack’s BBQ already had 18 orders waiting!

And this is before anyone has had a chance to get inside the building to see how nice the dining areas look!

So yes.. Fat Jack’s BBQ relocated from their WIlliamstown location and set up shop in Washington Township, in a free-standing building on Rt 42 which originally was developed as a modern style Pizza Hut. Well, over the years it was about 3 different Pizza Hut Variations including a WingStreet, and had been empty for the last 6 years.

The new Fat Jack’s sits between Applebee’s and the Salvation Army store, and is across from Target.

They are expecting a busy opening weekend so you’ll need to be patient with when your order is ready. Kevin indicated he expects in the early days of opening that they may run out of food for the day before the clock says they should close up!

Fat Jack’s BBQ is now open in Turnersville NJ! Beautiful new location! Tough to drive past this inviting place!

Fat Jack’s Turnersville New Location

This past spring Fat Jack’s announced their plans to relocate, and 42Freeway wrote about it in April.

Fat Jack’s is an icon in BBQ in our region, having won over 200 BBQ awards, and Pitmaster Glenn Gross has competed on Televisions BBQ Pitmasters!

Although these days Dad has taken a small step to the side and it’s son Kevin who is guiding the family’s BBQ legacy!

And based on how the new restaurant looks… he’s already doing amazing things!

The building had some character already, just from it’s original design. It’s not a basic rectangle block.

But it sat empty for 6 years… and Mother Nature can really beat up an empty building very fast.

So it’s impressive to see how fresh, new and inviting the place looks… inside and out!

Fresh paint, fixed up “bad” spots. Nicely decorated interior.

It truly looks brand new!

Fat Jack’s BBQ Dining Areas. Wearing “TWP” proud!

Oh and they have a pick-up window! or… Pig-up window, as Kevin calls it. ha!

They are doing a pick-up window model similar to Chipotle in that you can’t order on site at a speaker, but if you call in to order, or order online… you can designate the Pig-up window as your pickup spot. This will definitely be a popular option as the weather gets colder.

As mentioned, the outside of the restaurant looks amazing and definitely is catching the attention of people as they drive past

Inside, there are two dining areas. Well the dining are is divided into two sections.. say 1/3 and 2/3.

Kevin, the family and team did an awesome job bringing the space back to life, and all of the wall hangings, photos and sayings really create a comfortable “yeah I want to sit here with my family and enjoy our meal” vibe.

The design even offers an homage to Washington Township, with large “T W P” letters right in the front of the dining area. I even noticed an old-time event poster for a Circus that was held in town a long time ago!

This was our second visit to the new location.

When I visited about a month ago, Kevin gave me a tour of the new place and the kitchen.

They brought over some of their equipment, they purchased some new things also.

The main thing is the kitchen is bigger.. which means more capacity to create more food and more creativity!


I’ll be back this weekend to try out Fat Jack’s BBQ.

I have had the their food once or twice… when they had a location in Audubon.

But I never made it to the Williamstown location.

I was supposed to stop in today around 1pm and absolutely I was looking forward to trying out their BBQ… but when I showed up 90 minutes later and only 30 minutes before opening I knew I would be walking into “crunch time”.

Fat Jack’s BBQ Turnersville (Image courtesy Fat Jack’s)

And I definitely didn’t expect they’d have 18 orders in the queue already!

So I took my photos.. chatted with Kevin a little bit.. and headed back home to write this up.

Fat Jack’s Legacy

There is a big legacy of delicious BBQ in the Fat Jack’s name!

Their website has a really good history write-up which really explains how things progressed to today.

From our April Post:

Glenn traces his BBQ start back to when he was 11… always volunteering to “man the grill” at all of the family functions.

After frequent visits to the “BBQ Belt” of Memphis, Kansas City, Texas and the Carolinas, Glenn realized there was  a need for an awesome BBQ restaurant in New Jersey.

After years of research and development, Glenn came up with the perfect BBQ recipe and technique… which has propelled Fat Jack’s to over 200 local and national awards… including Grand Championships and State Championships for ribs, shoulder, brisket, chili, wings, sauces and more!

Fat Jack’s BBQ! Image courtesy Fat Jack’s BBQ

More Than BBQ!

And while the BBQ is what they are most know for “It’s in the name!”, the latest menu shows a variety off different options to satisfy anyone’s taste buds!

  • Wings! Traditional bone and boneless
  • Championship Ribs
  • Blues Burgers: Classic variation and their own signature styles
  • Specialty Sandwiches: Brisket Cheesesteak (wha? I must try!), Chicken Sandwiches, Pork Sandwiches and more.
  • Skinny Jack’s Salads! Smokehouse, Grilled Chicken, and more!
  • Quesedillas! What? Not something we’d expect, but a full variety to choose from
  • Brisket Tacos
  • Rib Tips
  • Fries! Loaded, Brisket, Smothered, Bacon Cheese and more!
  • Meat by the pound
  • Desserts! Pecan Pie, potato pie, banana wafer pudding… and more
  • and the sides… lots of delicious sides! Burt End Beans, BBQ Beans, Collard Greens, Loaded Mac n Cheese, Smashed Potatoes and more!

I think I am going to try a Spicy Brisket Cheesesteak with a Banana wafer pudding!

Oh they have family packs and catering options!

Check out their online menu at the Fat Jack’s website.

Pitmasters TV Show Experience!

Glenn even appeared on BBQ Pitmasters !

It was a popular cooking competition show that ran for 7 seasons, starting on TLC network (and later Destination America).

In 2013, Glenn appeared on an episode that had him traveling to Texas to battle against two other BBQ experts.

42Freeway watched the episode this morning, and Glenn is definitely one of the big stars of the show! 

We could not find the episode for free, but it can be purchased on YouTube.

The Fat Jack’s Success Story… right at the front of the store!
Smaller dining area. Ask about having your small private event here!

I’ll add… another nice new food option for Washington Township! Absolutely some of the best Italian restaurants can be found in Washington Township and surrounding areas but it’s awesome to also have: Thai Burger Express, Yoshimoto 2, First Watch Daytime Cafe, Sushi Maki, Sunshine Bakery, Panda Express, Witcher’s Kitchen, Jersey Mike’s, Panda Express, Chipotle, Caribbean Paradise, Crab Du Jour, Salsa Fresca and more in town now!

Links and Location

Fat Jack’s BBQ: New Turnersville Location (Now Open!)
3820 Route 42
Turnersville, NJ




The Fat Jack’s “Pig Up” window!