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Famous Santucci’s Original Square Pizza Coming to Washington Township! Delicious Sandwiches Also!

Famous Santucci’s Original Square Pizza Coming to Washington Township!  Delicious Sandwiches Also!
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This one snuck up on us!  The famous Santucci’s Original Square Pizza of Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, is opening a new location in Washington Township!  We’ve since heard from the Santucci family and they are targeting a Fall opening!

The specific location is the new Woodmont Townsquare complex on Hurffville-Cross Keys Road, between Fries Mills Rd and the Virtua Building.

The news was made available by one of the Santucci family members, who publicly shared the news on their Facebook page.

So excited about this location! This has been one of those locations that everything just fell into place. IT’s DEFINITELY MEANT TO BE! Washington Township…. we can’t wait to serve you!

When will they open?  Well this is all we know at this time, and we’ll try to get more information soon!

The Woodmont complex previously announced they were adding Bison Coffee Company, and Jenaro’s Pizza.  We still believe Bison Coffee is coming, but have doubts on Jenaro’s… especially with the announcement of another Italian eatery signed to the complex.

Thank you to an alert 42Freeway reader for pointing us to this!

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza

Santucci’s Original is a Philadelphia legend in pizza… and they’ve opened several locations including two at the Jersey Shore and a third on its way for 2022.

And I hear their cheesesteaks are top contenders also!

Their pizza’s are unique for our  area… they make a square pizza, but it’s not as thick as a sicilian style … and many say it is upside down… the cheese is on the bottom, and the sauce is on top!

Their website say the family started in South Philadelphia but opened their first location in Northeast Philadelphia back in 1959!

Today multiple generations of the Santucci family operate the restaurants!  According to a 2019 Inquirer article, there are three factions of the family operating different sets of stores.

The Washington Township store is part of the group of locations which include;  South Philadelphia, Roxborough, and at the Jersey Shore in Ventnor and Ocean City.

Announced previously the are adding a location in Wildwood, but for the 2022 Season.

And now they are opening a location in Washington Township!

More than Just Pizza!

The Original Santucci’s offers more than just pizza… with delicious wings, sandwiches, pastas and more!

They even offer catering.

And while I haven’t tried their cheesesteaks, I do follow a few Facebook cheesesteak groups and the sentiment is Santucci’s can put out a top notch steak.

More to Come!

We’ll look for more details from the owners…  timing of the store, what they will include.

The Woodmont Complex still owns an unused liquor license… the Santucci Restaurant will NOT be using it.

Links and Locations

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza
Planned Location
Woodmont Town Square
247 Hurfville-Cross Keys Road
Washington Township New Jersey