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Eagle Plaza Voorhees Welcomes Five Below and Bath & Body Works

Eagle Plaza Voorhees Welcomes Five Below and Bath & Body Works
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Last week the Eagle Plaza in Voorhees welcomed two new national tenants, with both Five Below and Bath & Body Works opening in the same week.  The stores are positioned directly next to each other, to the right of Ross Dress For Less.

It’s a nice one-two punch for a family shopping experience, as everyone can enjoy the fun bargain deals at Five Below, and then stop in next door at Bath & Body Works so that Mom can pick up the latest seasonal fragrances and lotions.

It seems the only thing hotter than the temperature recently is the Eagle Plaza, who also recently saw the opening of the large and completely new ACE Pickleball.  Chase Bank is also being developed at the front pad site.

There is some sad news in this story as the Voorhees Town Center Bath & Body Works has closed.

The relocation aspect was on my mind when I first wrote the story back in October of 2023… where I called out closing as a possibility, but it wasn’t confirmed to me at the time.

ACE Pickleball Club Voorhees, NJ
ACE Pickleball Club Voorhees, NJ

Both new stores in Eagle Plaza are completely new fit-outs as expected, and if you’ve never been to the retailers… they are nice store designs with bright lighting, attractive displays and very colorful product mixes.

 Five Below Voorhees

The Eagle Plaza Five Below store is the larger of the two new retailers. As mentioned the space is bright with bold wall graphics and colorful product displays.

Five Below seems to really connected with retail store shoppers in the USA, and can be the perfect place to pick up small items for a kids party, or even just a special treat for the family.

The kid-focused retailer is on a big growth push throughout the United States including our South Jersey area, with new locations in Deptford (Two!), Glassboro, West Berlin and more.

If you’re unfamiliar with Five Below they are a kids fun focused retailer of typically inexpensive items.

As their name states they mostly have products under $5.00 but in recent years with the increase in merchandise costs and simply just wanting to expand the product mix…   they’ve added the “Five Beyond” section of items prices over $5.

Products can range from small toys such as stuffed animals, games and puzzles, to sporting goods and more.

The back left corner of the store is the #FBStyle section featuring inexpensive clothes, t-shirts and accessories.

A section that everyone seems to enjoy is Sugar Rush which offers a large array of candy from full candy bars, and containers of cotton candy… To a bulk bin where individual pieces are sold at 10 for $1.25

But browsing the store you’ll find it’s much more kids-focused, as in the mix you’ll find electronic accessories, make-up and more.

Bath & Body Works – Voorhees

Bath & Body Works is a global leader in personal care products and fragrances, offering top selling collections of fragrant mist, body lotion and body creams…  as well as candles, diffusers and liquid hand soap.

Bath & Body Works is first and foremost a product line which they sell in the store (and online), and their many millions of fans stop back again and again to the store restock.

Bath & Body Works also offers a bright and colorful shopping experience, with a fully redone faux-wood floor… overall it creates a design of a smaller farm town shopping experience.

Clearly the largest percentage of shoppers are female, but that being said it’s a great place for guys to pick up gifts for their significant others, as there’s a core set of fragrances and a core set of products… well, once you know what your wife’s fragrance it’s easy to surprise her with something else from that collection.

Visually the store looks exactly like the Voorhees Town Center location although it does feel a little smaller to me but that is unofficial!

Links and Location

Eagle Plaza – Five Below and Bath & Body Works
700 Haddonfield-Berlin Road,
Voorhees, NJ 08043