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Dollar General Williamstown NJ Proposed For Black Horse Pike

Dollar General Williamstown NJ Proposed For Black Horse Pike

A new Dollar General is being proposed for Williamstown NJ along the Black Horse Pike, on a 1.4 acre property located across from the Estate at Monroe.

The exact address is 1380 N Black Horse Pike and is a wooded property situated next to the Law Offices of Slotnick and Schwartz.

The plan calls for a 10,640 square foot Dollar General store to be developed, with associated parking lighting and landscaping.

The size of this building seems to be the new standard for Dollar General as recent stores developed in South Jersey matched the exact same square footage.

A Dollar General store is proposed for Williamstown NJ. This image is the new Deptford store, which is the exact same size as proposed in Williamstown.

Creating new stores with the exact same size and layout provides can provide cost savings in development of the properties… from design, through construction and even when the stores are operationg.

Just a few weeks ago a brand new store opened in Deptford NJ on Route 47 featuring the exact same size, but in a significantly upgraded exterior facade to what has been developed in other South Jersey stores.

The developer will be appearing on April 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM, in front of the Township of Monroe Planning (the “Board”). The public hearing will be held in the Court Room of the Township of Monroe Municipal Complex, located at 125 Virginia Avenue, Williamstown, New Jersey 08094

A new Dollar General is proposed in Williamstown NJ along the Black Horse Pike, about midway between Cross Keys Road and Lake Ave

Dollar General – Black Horse Pike Williamstown.

The planned Dollar General will sit in on the Black Horse Pike almost at the midpoint of Cross Keys Road and Lake Avenue.

At Cross Keys Road there is a Sam’s Club and Home Depot, and a LIDL Grocery was approved at Lake Ave.

The proposed Dollar General store requires a few variances before development can continue.

The main variance seems to be the number of parking spaces for the project being fewer than Monroe Township Zoning requires. 

The Deptford Dollar General is the exact same size as a store proposed in Williamstown NJ. Additionally the number of parking spots differs by one.

I always try to stay neutral in my reporting and I am just stating a fact when I say that the recently opened Deptford and Washington Township stores have a similar number of parking spots, of what is being requested for the Williamstown location.

In fact when I visited the brand new store in Deptford last week I felt like the parking lot was so big that it was overkill for the size! My point being what is being asked at Williamstown seems very reasonable.

The other variance is interesting because they want to develop the Dollar General further away from the highway than what is permitted by zoning.   I find this interesting because usually developers are trying to squeeze more parking lot area within the property and reducing the setbacks!

And as mentioned of course this will be a full build out with parking lot lighting landscaping and all other facets required of the store.

I have not seen the site plan yet or any artist renderings of the buildings but I think at this point everyone in South Jersey knows what the tower general is all about.

This wooded lot on the Black Horse Pike is proposed to become a Dollar General store (Image: Google Maps)

What is Dollar General all about?

Well as I said I think everyone in South Jersey knows what the Dollar General is but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t offer some overview of the rapidly growing general merchandise retailer.

People always want to confuse Dollar General with a dollar store. 100% Dollar General is NOT a dollar store.

Dollar General is a general merchandise store… A modern day version of the general stores that you would see on television shows from the 50s.

Product selection ranges from household goods, cleaning products, automotive products, and even a variety of food items.

Inside of a Dollar General store. General Merchandise for home, auto and more. And no, they are not a dollar store!

I always say its a bit like shopping at today’s pharmacy stores without the prescription pharmacy aspect.

In my prior coverage of Dollar Generals opening in South Jersey there are many commenters who share a less than positive tone towards the stores… But the reality is they provide a valuable service to the community, and are very popular places to shop.

Popular is an understatement! You can’t argue with the actual reported results for the stock market traded company.

In the last financial quarter sales increased almost 18% from the timeframe year ago. Overall they had $10.2 billion in sales in the three month span.

A lot of that is driven by the explosive growth of new locations, but same store sales also increased 5.7%.

Dollar General even features food items including refrigerated and frozen food products.

Recently executive management announced they heard the complaints of consumers regarding the stores, specific to lack of inventory at times and under staffing. Dollar General stated they have made a commitment to upgrade the stores in all areas targeted at improving the customer shopping experience

Links and Location

Dollar General Williamstown (Proposed)
1380 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown NJ

Corporate Site

Monroe Township Planning Board Meeting
April 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM
Township of Monroe Planning (the “Board”)
Court Room of the Township of Monroe Municipal Complex
125 Virginia Avenue
Williamstown, New Jersey 08094,