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Dollar General Planned for Former Walgreens in Camden County

Dollar General Planned for Former Walgreens in  Camden County
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The Walgreens in Glendora (Camden County, NJ) closed just six months ago, and it didn’t take long for someone to sign on board… Dollar General is coming.

42Freeway has known for several weeks that a tenant has been found for the building, but their leasing company would not disclose who.  Soon after it seemed all evidence of the online real estate listings were removed.

Walgreens Glendora NJ – October 2023 when closing was announced

Keeping an active eye out for any concrete evidence of who is coming in, recently an anonymous member of a Facebook town group broke the news of Dollar General’s plans.

Obviously that is still not enough for me to write the story… but I’ve been able to confirm via industry contacts that absolutely Dollar General is taking over the property.

While I think mostly everybody knows what Dollar General is, frequently people do confuse it with a “dollar store”.    Dollar General is a general merchandise store…  somewhat like the store aspects of a pharmacy such as Walgreens.   Items at Dollar General are priced in traditional pricing categories, and it is not a dollar store.

So while the Glendora neighborhood of Gloucester Township did lose a pharmacy with the closing of Walgreens, they will regain again the ability to shop for general “ohh I need to pick up…” merchandise when Walgreens reopens.

Glendora NJ Former Walgreens – Earlier This Year

Dollar General – Glendora NJ

There are plenty of positives to the upcoming location.

The upcoming Dollar General (former Walgreens) will open on a prime corner property along the busy Black Horse Pike at the Evesham Road intersection.

The property features a significant parking area, and certainly everyone well aware of the Walgreens store design… a large and modern building which, should really only need minimal modifications such as signage and interior shelving… to be open for business.

42Freeway first wrote about the closing of the Walgreens in mid-October of last fall, with the closing date being mid-November.

So the fact that it took less than six months for a new tenant to sign-on for the building is a clear indication that this is a prime location!

Many will note that there is another Dollar General not too far away… a fully brand new construction store a mile away on Clements Bridge Road in Runnemede.    That store opened just three years ago in 2021.

Glendora NJ Former Walgreens – October 2023

But likely the two stores will likely have minimal impact on each other despite being only a mile away, as they will cater to different traffic patterns.

Despite the closing of the nearby TD Bank, this area of the Black Horse Pike has seen attention from several development projects.

The TD Bank has be rebuilt into the Used Car sales facility for Runnemede Toyota.

At the main intersection, while Ocean First Bank closed about 2 years ago, in 2022 American Heritage Credit Union took over the that bank property.

In February of this year 42Freeway wrote about the ongoing construction effort to build the new and expanded SignPros Headquarters… which is located directly next to the former Walgreens.

American Heritage Glendora NJ
American Heritage Glendora NJ

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