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Dolce Vita Gelateria Coming to Washington Township. Artisanal Gelato and Sorbetto!

Dolce Vita Gelateria Coming to Washington Township.  Artisanal Gelato and Sorbetto!
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Dolce Vita Gelateria is coming to Sewell (Washington Twp), offering artisanal gelato and sorbetto made from fresh and local ingredients!

The location is on Greentree road at the Chapel Heights intersection, catty-corner from Duffield’s Farm.

This news comes from the Township Business Buzz Facebook page, which is the “Official Page for Washington Township’s Advisory Board of Economic Development”. Follow them!

Dolce Vita Gelateria artisanal gelato and sorbetto is coming to Sewell Washington Twp NJ in Spring 2023

Their Facebook post says they will be opening in the Spring of 2023. In my visit yesterday I could see a construction permit already in the window so it seems they are looking to move fast!

Of course 42Freeway always has more to add to the story! I stopped at the new location yesterday, and tracked down some details online…

Delicious creaminess from the Dolce Vita Gelateria Test Kitchen!

Dolce Vita Gelateria – Former Aversa’s Bakery Location (Greentree)

The address of the new gelato store is 477A Greentree Road in Sewell, NJ.

The building supports two tenants, and Dolce Vita will be taking the smaller section on the right.

Most recently the location was an Aversa’s Bakery and deli, which closed a few years ago… I believe at the end of 2019. Aversa’s still has bakery/deli locations in Turnersville, Brigantine and Margate.

Dolce Vita Gelateria artisanal gelato and sorbetto moving into Greentree Road in Washington Twp.

Originally the building was developed as a classic Wawa, and it’s still easy to see the tale-tell Wawa building architecture!

The larger portion of the building on the left is home to Sewell Dental Designs (Facebook). Their entrance is the former Wawa main entrance.

Dolce Vita Gelateria – Artisanal Gelato and Sorbetto.

In looking for more details I searched online and found an in-progress website for the new gelato and sorbetto store. I could not locate a Facebook page yet.

The new owners are doing a great job with the website content buildout, and while not fully complete there is a lot of information already online.

Dolce Vita Gelateria describes their delicious frozen treats as “artisanal”

More from the the Dolce Vita Gelateria Test Kitchen! Only the freshest local produce.

They offer a very informative page focused on what artisanal means… and in the process go into details of what makes their frozen desserts exceptional.

The Township Business Buzz post states “the gelato maker trained in Italy” and after reading through the website it’s clear to me the owner/chef at Dolce Vita Gelateria really knows what it takes to make an amazing gelato.

The former Aversa’s Bakery location on Greentree Rd Sewell will soon be home to Dolce Vita Gelateria

You can read the details at their page but I’ll highlight with…

  • High Quality Ingredients; No powder or mixes. All made from scratch using organic and locally sourced ingredients
  • Freshness: Made daily and never stores long-term.
  • Simpler Flavors: The best selling flavors in Italy are the simpler recipes; hazelnut, pistachio, almond, strawberry, lemon and chocolate. They won’t be adding too many ingredients or sugary toppings
  • Warmer Temperature: gelato is much more delicate than ice cream, and a warmer temperature keeps the water free and makes for a smoother product.
  • Air Incorporation: Both gelato and ice cream include air in the final product, and Dolce Vita artisinal gelato will have 30-35% air compared to ice cream at 100%. This makes their gelato richer, creamier, and more flavorful.
  • Fat Content: Gelato has less fat than ice cream.. in some cases a one-third of ice cream!

Fresh and Local Ingredients at Dolce Vita Gelateria

Another page at their website a few of their key ingredient sources!

Dairy: The dairy source for Dolce Vita Gelateria is Kreider Farms in Lancaster County. They are only 1 of 4 “American Humane Certified” dairies in the country. They truly pamper their cows to keep them happy and healthy!

Cows are milked a few times each day where the milk is bottled the same day, and in just a few days it’s available in stores and restaurants… like Dolce Vita Gelateria coming to Sewell NJ

Produce: The freshest produce will be sourced from Hammonton’s Fiorentino’s Farm. Quality and freshness has always been of the utmost important to the family, going back to their start in the late 1930s! All produce is grown regionally by farmer’s following responsible farming practices.

Nuts: Pistachios, Hazelnuts and Almonds are sourced from Italy to give the Dolce Vita gelato the most authentic Italian gelato experience possible.

Simply dairy and produce have a short shelf-life for freshness and Dolce Vita will take care to get the freshest, regionally local products. Nuts have a longer shelf-life and they are able to provide authentic Italian nut ingredients for the best flavor

Links and Location

I’ll have more on Dolce Vita as they get closer to opening in 2023!

Dolce Vita Gelateria (Coming Spring 2023)
477A Greentree Road
Sewell, New Jersey 08080

Website (In-Progress)