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Diners Demoed – Metro Diner and Freeway Diner Video Clip

Diners Demoed – Metro Diner and Freeway Diner Video Clip
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A short 45 second clip of what the Metro Diner and Freeway Diner properties look like today (Nov 11, 2018) is at the bottom of the article.  Both diners were purchased for redevelopment, and were demolished over the last few months.

Metro Diner Brooklawn:  Will become a Super Wawa Convenience and Gas Station, with an additional retail building on the Kings Highway side.  Video clip was taken from behind the diner (at the edge of Rite-Aid property.

Freeway Diner Deptford:  Will become a Starbucks and AT&T Store (Moving from across the street).   There may be room for additional stores.  Video was taken from the side of the property, across the Rt 42 North entrance.

If you haven’t already, please “Subscribe” to the 42Freeway Youtube channel.  Youtube doesn’t consider it full channel until it has 1,000 subscribers.  I have 4 more videos in the queue that I will be getting to this week, including the Missing Moves road project!