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Diggerland USA Adding “The Water Main” Aquatic Park for Spring 2020. (West Berlin, NJ)

Diggerland USA Adding “The Water Main” Aquatic Park for Spring 2020.  (West Berlin, NJ)
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West Berlin NJ’s Diggerland USA is the country’s only construction themed amusement park… and for next year they are expanding into new directions with the May 2020 opening of The Water Main Aquatic Park featuring two pools, slides and other fun activities!

There is a lot of exciting wet fun packed in to this new 2 acre expansion!  From the Diggerland press release:

Guests will be able cool off and swim and splash their way around an expansive 2-acre outdoor aquatic park with two multi-zone pools featuring a slide tower, Wibit-brand challenge course, swim vortex, in-pool basketball area, themed splash park, plus family and leisure swim zones. Surrounding the pools are deck chairs and lawn areas for relaxation and sunbathing, walk‑up food and beverage service and private cabana rentals.

They are targeting to open The Water Main on Memorial Weekend 2020… but remember the “original” Diggerland is still open through the rest of the year on weekends (and will start up again for 2020 in Mid-March).  Through October they are having DiggerFest weekends, and they are even having an all-night campout on October 26!  (Check the site for details on how to participate and specifics on operating hours).

Included in the Admission!

Entrance to The Water Main is included in the price of admission to Diggerland USA! Birthday party packages and group purchases are also available and include access to The Water Main when open.  (Diggerland XL for adults is, and has always been, a separate charge)

Diggerland representatives go on to say that they are adding this exciting 2 acre water attraction, without having to remove any of the existing fun and exciting park features!

Diggerland USA provided us with an aerial view and depiction of the location of the new aquatic park… and it really helps give an indication of the size of this new waterpark area, especially if you’ve been to Diggerland in the past!

Diggerland USA Water Main Placement: Click for Fullsize


Here is a quick rundown of all the amazing “original” Diggerland attractions included in the one admission price!

  • ten ride courses within which patrons drive a variety of construction or utility vehicles,
  • twelve stationary excavators modified with an activity challenge (simulated “fishing” or “bowling” or operation of excavator arm and bucket to dig for artificial treasure bars),
  • ten stationary excavators for operation of excavator arm and bucket to dig, lift and drop actual fill in the designated area;
  • nine rides in which patrons are seated and the vehicle or machine is driven or operated by a park operator;
  • a four‑level ropes course, a 32‑foot high climbing/rock wall, and a small child (only) playground structure.

The park also includes a 2‑seat zip line and arcade and carnival-style games and machines that are not included with the park admission charge.

Season Passes

As you can see… Diggerland USA is a 10 month-of-the-year entertainment complex… and season passes give you admission for the entire year!  Yes, it includes the Diggerland USA construction park!  Yes, it includes the Water Main Aquatic Park!   A full year of fun!

Right now the 2020 Season passes are on sale at $59.95 when you buy 3 and use the code DIG3 at the check out… and it includes the rest of the 2019 season too!  Membership includes a variety of discounts for food and beverages, special attractions and events, and more!

(Note: all offers presented are bound by the official offering on the Diggerland USA website.  42Freeway makes no claim that what is presented on our site is accurate at the time of purchase.  Always look at the Diggerland USA website to confirm!)

Very close by to Diggerland USA is the Sahara Sam’s Indoor/Outdoor Waterpark.  While originally Diggerland USA was created by Sahara Sam’s, about 4 years ago they moved into separate entities… so no… the tickets/passes aren’t interchangeable between the parks!

Diggerland USA and The Water Main Aquatic Park
100 Pine Edge Dr
West Berlin, 08091