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Deptford’s Filomena’s Opens Outdoor Patio Bar

Deptford’s Filomena’s Opens Outdoor Patio Bar
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How do you make one of the area’s best Italian restaurants even better?  Deptford’s Filomena’s Lakeview continues to find ways.

Deptford’s beloved Italian eatery Filomena’s Lakeview, is in year two of transforming a great restaurant and bar into something even better!   Last year we reported on the amazing transformation they did to their bar area… taking a small and cramped bar, and by adding to the building they turned it into a large 50 seat bar with room for additional pub style and table seating.  If you saw the old Filomena’s bar and haven’t been back.. .this is not an exaggeration, you will be amazed at what they did.

So for this year they have a significant new twist also!  Filomena’s recently opened up a new outdoor patio and bar.   Located on the parking side of the building you can’t miss it as you walk in.  They actually started the process last year with an open air patio, and it seems they thought twice about it… and now its a more open patio area, with a covered roof… and a nice bar at the far end.  They’ve done a really nice job with the details, adding nice stonework, pub style and regular tables, a very deep bar, interesting accents all around, and colorful hanging plants.

My wife and I actually visited on their opening day about 2 weeks ago, but I am just getting around to posting.   May have been a good thing for them, giving them time to get the opening kinks worked out before 42Freeway fans show up.  ha.  We sat right at the outside bar and had a full dinner and drinks.  The staff was amazing… very friendly to chat with.

Looks like we are contuining with our cooler August, so its a perfect time to stop in at Filomena’s Lakeview.

A picture speaks a 1000 words… so how about I stop typing and just show some photos.  (although in a mistake I never make.. I realize I didn’t take the “Step back 10 feet from bar and get the whole bar in the pic” shot!  Well its an excuse to see it for yourself)

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Filomena’s Lakeview
1738 Cooper Street
Deptford NJ 08096