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Deptford School of Rock is OPEN! Give the Gift of Music This Year with Holiday Special Pricing! (Photo Tour)

Deptford School of Rock is OPEN!  Give the Gift of Music This Year with Holiday Special Pricing! (Photo Tour)
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The famous School of Rock has opened in Deptford… at an awesome location that is both a quiet setting, but yet in the center of it all!   If you aren’t familiar, the School of Rock is a music education school primarily targeting children, with classes in Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Drums, Bass Guitar and more!  Even Virtual lessons!

And through New Years they are running a holiday special…  10% off!    Reach out to Matt on Facebook message or via their Website contact form!  Check out the Photos below, and then schedule a time to come in and see the place, and talk to Matt and the team about their music programs.

Awesome Building and Location

The building and location are awesome!  The property is right on Almonesson Road just past the Bob’s Discount Furniture shopping center.   Well immediately next to Bob’s Furniture is a small creek, and the School of Rock is directly next to that.  This building looks like a modern rancher home (it was at one time) and most recently was an insurance office. 

Mom and Dad can drop off the kids to learn guitar and piano, and head across the street to the Olive Garden for dinner and a drink!

Oh let me tell you… owner Matt Glick and team did an awesome job making this a beautiful, effective, and SAFE place for your children to learn how learn music!  The space features individual lesson rooms, larger meeting areas, drum room… and the back area is a large performance space that is really set up perfect!  

That back room… well the building sits along a hidden creek and has a great view from the large windows.  The original (home) builders were taking advantage of this view and put in a cathedral ceiling room with fireplace, and Matt knocked additional walls and added a short height stage, so it became a really awesome performance venue.

Matt doesn’t know this yet but I am coming back with my guitar for some jamming.  ha!

The building has the latest multizone air circulation system to keep the air fresh and clean, and of course they team is following all the proper safety protocols.

I was genuinely impressed with the facility, Matt and his team.  Seemed like a great group of talented people, and if I still had young kids.. this really is a place I’d feel comfortable and proud to bring them.

Heck… even out back they have great opportunities to expand with outdoor spaces along the creek, and there is a full walkout basement that they have future plans for too!

I admit it, I am a geek for this kind of stuff and I just wrote a ton.  I wanted to be an architect as a kid.  But Software Developer and Blogger is close… hits the creative needs!

Owner and Classes

We wrote about the Deptford School of Rock earlier in the year…  The new Deptford branch owner/operator is Matt Glick.  Matt attended the Berklee College of Music, is a music producer, a gigging musician for a decade, and a music teacher for more than 5 years. 

From their website…

School of Rock is a music school for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With students ranging from toddlers to adults, School of Rock is where music students grow into real musicians.

Programs are broken out as:

Programs (lessons) focus on Guitar, Drums, Singing, Bass Guitar, Keyboard/Piano

School of Rock – Deptford
1575 Almonesson Road
Deptford NJ, 08096



Photo Tour

The main building on Almonesson Road, Deptford New Jersey.  From the Mall, go past Olive Garden and Bob’s Discount Furniture.  As you get to the lower part of Almoesson Rd, look left!

Comfortable entrance and waiting area.  They were still setting things up when 42Freeway visited 2 weeks ago, so don’t mind any stray boxes!

Main instruction room hallway is off to the right

Additional studios, classrooms and breakout areas to the left

And straight to the back is the large open performance space and small stage!  I loved this space!  And it can be separated into two separate areas with a moving center divider wall.  Matt has additional plans for this room, to use it as a weekend performance venue for the kids and others.  (Again, the box… they were still setting up!)

Another larger instructional room with a great view to the front of the building.  (If I were Matt, this wouldve been my office!)

Keyboars still getting setup for instruction!  (remember, this is all ready to go now!)

Guitars lining up in the “Great Room”

The backyard of the building with stone steps down.  Not in use now.. but Matt has some plans for it’s use as the weather gets warmer.   They still have plans for the full basement area (which was fully set up as offices from the Insurance Company), and the basement has walk-out doors to this lower level area.