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Deptford McDonald’s Under Full Remodel. Second Drive-Thru Lane Being Added

Deptford McDonald’s Under Full Remodel.  Second Drive-Thru Lane Being Added
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The Deptford McDonald’s on Clements Bridge Road is currently under a major redesign, which will bring the new modern look to the building, add a second drive-thru lane.. as well as other improvements.

This location is in the Forman Mill’s Shopping center at the corner of Clements Bridge Rd and Hurffville Road… and directly across from Sam’s Club.

Planning Board 2019 Describes Changes

Representatives from McDonald’s presented their plans to the Deptford Planning Board back in October of 2019. 

This was just a few months before COVID impacts arose, so while 16 months isn’t too long of a delay, it probably factor in to their starting in the spring of 2021.

The Deptford Planning Board Minutes describe the core changes:

includes a second drive thru lane, canopies, revising parking layout, relocating loading area, renovation of façade and roof design, new signage and landscape improvements

While we don’t have final renderings of the design, this will be the Modern McDonald’s look that has been taking over many area McDonald’s, including the one up the road at 5-Points Washington Township.

The double-lane drive thru of 5-points provides two ordering lanes and signage boards, which then alternate in funneling towards the payment and food windows.  We imagine it to function the same in Deptford

One difference… in the Deptford Planning Minutes they state “there will be an outdoor play area which will be moved“.

Parking lot and lighting improvements are also planned.

Gone are the sloped “mansard” roofs synonymous with McDonald’s architecture, replaced with rectangular-ish design, which can already be seen when visiting the site (and in our post photo).

We do not have a timeline on when the Deptford McDonald’s redesign will be completed.

I believe the Black Horse Pike Washington Township McDonald’s also went through a similar style transformation.

Billions in Redesigning

Over the last few years McDonald’s has been working with franchisees to remodel all of their stores, spending several billion dollars along the way.

A 2018 article at QSR magazine article says McDonald’s is calling the redesign “Experience of the Future” and also streamlines the ordering process inside of the store with touch screen ordering monitors where customers can order and pay!

In the 5-Points location, the larger ordering counter was replaced with just a register or two, and a customer pick-up area.  The digital touch screen ordering kiosk is also in place (but currently unavailable due to Covid concerns)

 The expectation that the growth in online ordering, customer kiosk ordering and more drive-thru lanes would reduce the need for cashier based ordering.

McDonald’s Deptford
1106 Hurffville Rd
Deptford NJ 0896