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Deptford Mall’s Ruby Tuesday has Closed Today, Surprising Employees

Deptford Mall’s Ruby Tuesday has Closed Today, Surprising Employees
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Up until a day or two ago, the Ruby Tuesday in the Deptford Mall was still open for takeout orders… but the sign in the window today tells a different story “This Ruby Tuesday location is closed”

UPDATE:  As of 3/24/2020 the Ruby Tuesday Location page does not list Deptford, when searching with Deptford’s 08096 zipcode.

In any other month of our lives this would be a very clear message regarding the a closure, but with COVID-19 consuming everyone’s life, there is a hint of “do they mean permanently?”.  But yes, 42Freeway has heard from several employees and others connected with the eatery who have stated this is a permanent closure.  And I am sure if they were planning on opening after the virus concern subsides, they would’ve been a lot clearer about that on the sign.   Oh, and it’s the EXACT SAME SIGN used at the Lansdale store a few days ago, which was confirmed as closed.

The closing came very suddenly.  42Freeway has learned that local managers were just informed early this morning, and employees were told of the immediate closure.  One 8 year employee posted on social media that they have not been told how they will get recent pay or accrued vacation time.

One report to us said that this is one of dozens of locations closing, and a search across twitter and social media shows there is some substance to this, as other stores have closed this week.

Dick’s Sporting Goods and Round One Coming to location next to Ruby Tuesday’s

The Ruby Tuesday restaurant is located in a prime spot on the lower level closest to the old Sears location, which is rapidly transforming into a Dick’s Sporting Goods and a Round One Entertainment facility.   Alongside of the Ruby Tuesday down the outer wall of the old Sears building, that area has been allocated for additional businesses, possibly with exterior entrances.  The new stores will bring a lot of excitement to to the Southwest end of the mall… and while it is definitely sad for the employees of the Ruby Tuesday, this will probably mean another eatery will be coming along soon to take their place.

It’s obvious the current state of home quarantine is severely impacting area businesses, and while it’s not clear to what affect the quarantine had on the Deptford Ruby Tuesday it is clear they had to be feeling the sting.  The concern is there are lot of business that had been surviving, but not thriving…  and the loss of revenue during this time could be devastating.

Google has already updated their site and maps to show it as Permanently Closed.

Sadly, this is not the first bit of bad retail news I think we’ll hear coming out of the virus situation.

Recently the nearby Don Pablos Mexican restaurant closed, but with the popularity of the Deptford eateries and liquor licenses, that building is already becoming a Millers Ale House, targeting an opening later this year.

Other Ruby Tuesday Stores with indications of closure on the ‘net: